Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Farm cats could be categorized as "a dime a dozen", and over the years they come and go.  Some are more forgettable than others.

Jolyn fits into the not so forgettable category.

I'm not typically a huge fan of calico cats.  She, however, has wormed her way into my heart.

She's afraid of the other cats, especially Peanut, and understandably so (even though Peanut is her mother!!)  Peanut thinks she is Queen.  If anyone appears to be infringing on her territory...feline or canine...she makes sure that they stand corrected.

So, Jolyn has her own spot in the barn where no one bothers her.  It's high above the calf pens, on the far side of the barn from where everyone else hangs out...

I took the camera out to the barn after milking this morning and snuck up on her.  She woke from her nap pretty quickly but immediately saw Murphy. Hmmm...not sure if she wants to venture out of her secure spot...

Still not sure...

If it's not safe to come down this way, why not try this way, on the opposite side of the beam...

It's the perfect sized hole, just for her.

She's a great hunter, and loves to roam around in the fields.  I'm sure she's tasted all kinds of birds, mice and other creatures, but she's usually in "her spot" every morning, waiting for me to bring her food while the other cats share the kitty bowls on the other side of the barn.

She had been missing for about a week, and I was so happy to hear her distinctive MEOW yesterday afternoon again.

Welcome home Jolyn!


  1. oh, glad she's back! i love her name. reminds me of the name i gave our mare - gemilyn. :)

  2. She's a beautiful cat... and I miss having cats!

  3. I'm glad Jolyn returned. I have the same at our farm. There's one annoying cat who comes in only at meal time and she growls and hiss at other cats. They all get in my way when I arrive and one young kitty shadows my feet back and forth everywhere I walk... and it's nerve wrecking as she nearly gets stepped on many times. Another one get into the pile of hay at feeding time and hides in the hay and I have to be careful not to spear her with the hay fork as I go about my work.

    Lately, they have been bringing frogs in the barn. Very annoying that they kill frogs.


  4. I'm not a big fan of cats, but I like Jolyn. There was always a few special cats around our place. It is the ones with personality that catch your eye.

  5. I so glad that Jolyn came back.
    She seems like a sweet and gentle creature.
    She certainly is a pretty cat.

    Hope you are feeling better, and better.

    Smiles :)

  6. Hi Alica, it is great to meet you. I saw your blog on a friends blog-list and the title brought me here. What a creative name for your site. I love the story about your raspberries . . . is sounds like they would not be hard to grow, if you don't have dogs digging them us, LOL.. I am wanting to put a berry patch somewhere on our new little piece of land. My husband and I just purchased a small bungalow on an acre of land and after living in an area with houses ten feet apart and a view of houses and cars . . . it is so incredibly wonderful to live on this little acre. To us it feels like heaven. The view out my kitchen window is the neighbor's hay field . . . so much better than a street filled with cars:) Well, I am happy to meet you and would love to invite you over to visit and even just maybe, follow me back.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Connie :)

  7. Hello! I have a small herd of goats and would like to know where you buy your Herdex chart for the barn. I can't seem to find them online anywhere, but bumped into your blog. I would appreciate any help! Thanks in advance!

    1. We are in Lancaster PA area, and we can purchase them here at Daniels Farm Store in Leola, and through several local IBA dealers.

    2. Thanks so much for the information on the Herdex charts! I know right where Leola, Pa. is. I lived in Lancaster a long time ago (Blue Ball and Ephrata). We are grateful to you for your help. Thanks again!

  8. She's a pretty girl. So glad she's back home!


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