Friday, May 3, 2013

Random Five Friday...

It's been a busy week...lots is happening at home and on the farm.  With the beautiful...gorgeous...perfect weather we've been having, there just aren't enough daylight hours in each day!

1. Peanut's kitties are growing fast, and getting so playful!  She moved them from the fodder mow, outside to the shed.  They live underneath, play in the weeds behind it, and come running bouncing when we call "here kitty, kitty, kitty".  This is the home she chose for them, and they seem quite healthy and happy!  There are four males and two females.  We've told the kids we will keep two, and the rest are going to a good home next week...

2.  Today is the day Jim will bale his rye grass.  It was mowed on Tuesday afternoon, he's finishing up raking right now, and the round baler will begin anytime!  I wonder how many bales it will make?

3.  My garden is slowly taking shape for the season.  The onions, radishes and potatoes are up...and on the far left lies the string been packet, at the end of the first row I planted a few days ago...

The strawberry blossoms are showing off!  I sure hope we don't get a freeze...this will be the first year picking off of this new patch, and I'm hoping for a bumper crop...

4.  The dogs are in their glory this time of year...they follow me everywhere, and lay at my feet no matter what I'm doing.  If I'm planting in the garden, they lay in the rows... if I'm feeding calves, they lay beside the calf hutches...if I'm mulching, they lay in the flowers.  Here's Snickers, enjoying the sunshine as I fed calves this morning...

5.  My perennials are coming to life!  I have been given small pieces of many different plants over the years, and have had fun sharing with others as well.  (That's what I like so much about perennials!)  I think of my friends when they bloom.

The early blooming Iris came from Brenda...the Fern Leaf Peony came from Edith...

The Forget Me Nots came from Betty, the Lamium came from Carolyn, and I don't remember where the Bleeding Heart came from...

This isn't blooming yet, but the Lily Of the Valley growing fast.  It can become invasive, but I'll forgive it, because I love it's story so much!  This particular plant came to me at the end of a long family trail.  It originally came from my Great Grandma my Grandma my Aunt Alice from Colorado... to my Mom... and then to me!

What fun!

I hope you're enjoying your Friday!

I'm joining up with Random Five Friday again this week.


  1. Hey! You have spring! How cool is that! Everything looks so nice and green and not covered in snow. Love that!

  2. The kitties are so sweet! I wish I could take one of them. :-)

    Your fields and garden look nice. I hope you have that bumper crop of strawberries. They should be coming in here in Virginia later this month.

    Lily of the Valley is one of my favorites.

  3. Beautiful pictures and new kitties !

  4. Wow, beautiful pictures, Alica! Baling hay already? That is wonderful. I love your kitties. Wish I could take a couple of them. I miss having cats.

    1.'s actually rye grass. Hay will be in the next couple of weeks though! I will do my next post on the baling...I got some fun video of the wrapper. I think it's fun to watch!

  5. Alica, your life is so full of good things and also for the creatures around you. The grass is so green and fresh and your perennials are blooming, thanks for sharing.

    Some of my perennials are starting to bloom and it gives me a new lease on life. I love this time of year too.


  6. Kittens and gardens---two of my favorites. I've been out digging in the dirt all day myself.

  7. Oh I love your Lily of the Valley story let it spread wherever it wants.
    Kittens, dogs flowers and baling all my favourite things. Love the green and sun in this post. You are so far ahead of us. Have a nice weekend. Hug B

  8. I love plants with a history. I can't believe how far along your garden is. Most of mine are still under snow. I enjoyed the tour.

  9. I am enjoying your gratefulness. I like to find joy in each day, even with a foot of snow that fell yesterday. I know the Lord is providing our ground with plenty of moisture, but oh, how I want to dig my hands in the dirt soon. Coming here has made me miss my cows and my kittens., but mostly, my garden.

  10. What a nice Lily of the Valley story and life all of the plants from friends and family, very cool. I love the Iris which are almost my favourite flower. Beautiful cat, kittens and dog! I enjoyed visiting..

  11. What beautiful, glorious pics. We've been in an extended drought for a couple of years here, and I miss that lush green look. The kittens are too cute.

    The Lilly of the Valley story is wonderful!

  12. I love the history of those lily of the valley plants! And you summed it up so perfectly when you said that looking your plants makes you remember with fondness the people from who they came. I feel the same way. Makes the world seem like a better place. All looks to be growing happily, plants & animals! Cheers, Jenni

  13. Simply beautiful colours...lovely!

  14. It looks so pretty and nice. I can tell you have been working very hard.

  15. What beautiful pictures of spring! Those kittens are sure some little cuties and I love how the Lily of the Valley has been passed down! :)

  16. Beautiful pictures! The kittens are so cute.


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