Sunday, August 5, 2012

And Summer Rolls On...

After about 1 1/2 weeks of having house guests, it's back to "normal" around here...whatever that might be.

The kids enjoyed time with their cousins...we are THANKFUL that they enjoy being together!

It's been oppressively hot and humid...and we are THANKFUL for our air conditioned bedroom!

The laundry pile hasn't gotten any smaller, with smelly barn clothes and extra towels from taking sometimes multiple showers in one day...but we are THANKFUL for the opportunity to be clean!  Someone new to  PA once commented that..."Pennsylvania is the only place they knew of where you could sweat in the shower."   I think they were right!

The weeds are getting ahead of me in the garden...but I am THANKFUL for the 2 inches (!!) of rain that we got on Wednesday evening, although it came all in 45 minutes.  It makes the weeds pull much easier!

Our Amish neighbor man saw my ridiculously weedy garden up close and personal this week as he reapired our calf hutches...but I am THANKFUL that the hutches he was working on are now repaired, and no calves should be able to escape and stomp on my veggies!  (maybe he didn't even tell his wife about the neighbor lady's neglected garden!)

All it needs is some paint, and some new wire around the back side...

Lima beans always seem to be ready in the hottest part of the summer...but I am THANKFUL for the many packs of frozen beans that we will have in our freezer!

They're a pain to pick, and a pain to shell...but I am THANKFUL that Jenna sat with me on the porch yesterday and helped!

Just like me when I was a girl.  My Mom planted tons of lima beans, and we shelled and shelled and shelled and shelled and shelled.  She paid us 10 cents per cup...

I pick them young, so they really aren't fun to shell...but they taste oh so good...

I can hardly wait to taste them, cooked in milk and butter, just like Grandma used to do...

You never heard of this?  Here's's simple...

Put your fresh frozen lima beans into a sauce pan.  Add a small amount of water, and salt to taste.  Cook until soft.  
Remove from heat and drain the water from the beans.
Add milk, just enough to cover, and return to heat, cooking just enough so that the milk is hot.
Drop a small amount of butter into the saucepan (1 Tbsp?)  and allow the butter to melt in the hot liquid.
Serve and enjoy!

It's another scorcher today...but I am THANKFUL and HOPEFUL that the thunderstorms they are calling for will bring some relief from the humidity!

How is your summer rolling along?


  1. 10 cents a cup? Where do I sign on?

  2. Just about the same, hot, humid, sweating in the shower, and never really getting dry all day. I swear someday my neck is going to have moss. :)
    My garden is full and I mean full of weeds!!
    But it is August. We will have more of the same for the entire week next week, all over 100+ degree days.
    Such is the life. I am thankful for air conditioning and fans and I am even thankful for the hot weather, because I know I will miss it so much come December. So it is all good. I am so glad things are back to normal. I like your calf hutches. Have a good week. Your daughter looks so cute shelling those lima beans. That is a very nice picture.

  3. Oh Jenna what a good worker you have there. About your garden all I have are weeds.
    Ontario is hot and sweaty also. I went to a beautiful outdoor wedding yesterday and the Bride and party all dressed pretty. The Groom and the groomsman had black suits and the whole works I felt so sorry for them.
    It is raining a little here I look forward to torrential downpours at this stage it is getting very scary.
    Take care and stay in your bedroom:) B

  4. Oh how I love your mother's lima beans ! :) Yours look great too. My garden is coming along fairly well not great but OK. Last night I left the water on for several hours then jumped out of bed around 11pm remembering that the water was on....scared Eric to death :)

  5. I'm glad to hear about your rain and your bean bounty. Having Amish neighbors to help is good. Trying to keep up with them, a challenge.

    p.s. Although it is so dry here that the inside of my nose and my lips are suffering, I'm not sure I'd trade it for your humidity.

  6. Hmmm... I think I've heard that "sweat in the shower" quote before! And now I'm hungry for Grandma's lima beans...

  7. Lima Beans are the unsung -- and primarily untasted -- bean of the Western World, and they are delicious.


  8. So many good things happening at your farm....except the weeds :)
    I've never grown lima beans... you make them sound tasty.

    Hope this week is full of happy moments and productive days :)


  9. Wow, I love lima beans and your Grandma's recipe sounds yummy!!
    Glad you got some rain to make the weeds easier to pull! LOL!! We got rain last night and I really should be pulling weeds myself. :)

  10. Glad to hear you got rain! That is wonderful. The beans look great. I think you can sweat in the shower in Iowa too. :-)

  11. The younger sibs always get a better deal. I only got 5 cents. But we sure did shell a lot of beans.

    1. Ummm...maybe I forget...was it only 5 cents?! But it was fun singing at the top of our lungs, wasn't it?

  12. I love this post! I loved reading about all the stuff you are thankful for. That was funny about the person who said that PA is the only place you could sweat while taking a shower! So funny! I totally know what they mean! haha! I don't know about you guys, in SW PA, yesterday and today, we did not have any of that thick humidity...I am so very grateful for that! Don't know how long that will last but it's good right now!!


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