Friday, August 31, 2012

Labor Day Weekend Begins...

It's  Labor Day weekend already...just in time for laboring.  :)

The kids started school this week, but have a long four day weekend.  It's a nice way to ease slowly into the new school year.

Yesterday, Jim mowed one field of 5th cutting of hay at some of our rental ground, planning to round bale it and wrap it today.  It made eight large round bales...

We used a different baler this that has knives in it that put cuts in the bale.  When it's time to feed it to the cows, it should fall apart easier.  We'll see if we like it.

This is the last bale coming out of the baler...

Here, Jim just brought the first bale home to add to Ag Bag Row.  It's still on the wrapper at this point, and he's finishing wrapping it as I type.  I hear the bale spinning outside the window...

While the humans labored...(the kids were painting the calf hutches and some newly repaired barn doors) someone else took a snooze in the shade...

What a hard life!

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

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  1. The kids there are in school already ? Here In Ontario Canada the kids go back to school ofter this Labor day weekend ! Nice photos looks and sounds like a good day had by all ! Have a good day !

  2. Isn't it funny our Labour Day your Labor Day Alica I love the internet everything is the same but different:)
    5th cutting of hay WOW.
    Have a great Labor Day Weekend and I will have a great Labour Day weekend hopefully neither of us will labour too much.Love the pics and the poor hard working kitty.

  3. Your husband got a 5th cut? Wow.... The grass looks so green. We have round bales too and we wrap the silage in the white wrap. The regular hay is wrapped in net wrap. We are having an over abundance of hay this year and no more room to store it so my husband had to order a tarp building. We had the footing poured today.

    Happy Labor Day weekend.

  4. Oh, gosh... 5th cutting! You are blessed, blessed, blessed!

  5. But a lovely way to live I think. That is awesome you got a fifth cutting of hay.
    My husband and I always work the hardest on labor day weekend. I mean it is called labor day. I think we will take out our garden this weekend.
    It is always so good to work. :)

  6. I always tell my cats "I wanna be the cat next time and YOU can be the human!"
    The long Labor Day weekend is just for city folk ya' know!! ;-)

  7. 5th cutting? My gosh, we are lucky if we get 2!

  8. Wow! Baling sure changed from when I was a kid. Your hay looks wonderful. I wish I could smell it.

  9. Man farming is no easy job. Love how much I learn from your blog.
    Seeing you soon

  10. Looks like some nice hay! I like to watch the bales get wrapped. The man that hays a field near us has started wrapping some of his round bales, and it's neat to watch.

  11. Wonderful time of year!

    Love those bales.... nice to get them wrapped and stored for winter.


  12. I found a new blog to follow! :)
    Love your post, we too have baled up most of what we have, I have a hunch a lot of people will be selling cows here within the next six months because they don't have enough feed to supplement them through the winter. Take care!
    Kelsey from Keeping Up With Kelsey

  13. It certainly seems like it was a good weekend for hay. Hope you had a good weekend.

  14. A 5th cutting is a beautiful thing. Our round bales are wrapped int wine and it is a bear keeping that twine cut so the flakes can be pulled off the bales. Never mind unwrapping pieces of cut twine from the chickens'legs!!!


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