Friday, June 29, 2012

Spray Day...

It's that time again...

The beginning of this week (thank goodness before all this heat and humidity set in!), Jim and I walked through the corn fields, checking each field to see if we were going to have the Hi-crop sprayer come to spray late emerging weeds and grass that will potentially stunt the corn's growth.

Yesterday the sprayer came to spray a few fields.  I like this picture framing the Farmal M and manure spreader...

He brought his fuel and spray materials on this truck.  I found it interesting..the two metal tanks are old milk tanks!  The one to the far left carries diesel fuel, and the others on the back of the truck carry various spray materials...

This shows you just how tall the rig is...

And there he goes...

Last year I rode along with the driver to get a unique perspective.  You can see that here.  It was really fascinating!

This year I was busy picking my green beans, and was happy to get in out of the heat as soon as possible...although that air conditioned cab would've felt pretty nice!

I hope you're all finding ways to stay cool!


  1. Oh my that looks interesting.

  2. I always learn so much about your farming here. I like that:) About the air conditioned cab baling hay yes I have been in it all weekend and going back in it today yes it is nice:) B

  3. Farm chores :)
    Thanks for sharing your pictures with us!!

    Your corn is getting so tall. It looks like it's going to be a great harvest.

    Green beans? Impressive harvest there too!
    Are you canning them, or freezing them?
    Have you made Dilly Beans before?
    They are delish!!

    Happy weekend..

    1. Kerin...I'm freezing these, since there aren't many yet. But depending on freezer space, I might can some too. Half the family likes them frozen...half likes them canned! :) Never made dilly do you do this?

  4. I hope it breaks for you soon, the weather I mean. Not the sprayer.
    How nice to be picking green beans. I like them canned the best. So does my family, they eat them like candy. They wouldn't touch them when they were little kids though.
    It sounds nice. Stay cool.

  5. Wow, that's a huge machine.

    My husband used to spray the corn fields for bugs and weeds and it has been years now since he sprayed the fields or even used synthetic fertilizer. Our fields are now fertilized only with manure and are organic certified although our milk is not certified organic yet because we have to buy feed that is not organic. All our hay is organic though.

    We are getting ready for CANADA DAY on Sunday. Have a great weekend and I hope that you are spared bad weather and that you have a sunny weekend. JB

  6. At least in the drought conditions, the weeds aren't as bad here either. I always think those tall things look so funny going down the road.

  7. We've just come out of a long drought here. Now we're having a wet winter and I think I might be growing webbed feet! Lovely to see you again Alica. Maa.

  8. wow, that sprayer is really tall. your corn looks so green and healthy! I ate corn on the cob for the first time yesterday...not sure what state it was from, but man it was goooood!! Here's something amazing...our local Wal mart is now getting in locally grown produce and there will be a sign posted on the produce that tells where it is from. I saw a big advertisement for it in the produce section a few days ago..I haven't been back yet to check and see if anything local has come in yet. I am really happy about them doing that. I hope they continue to follow through with that during our local growing season...that would be great.


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