Thursday, December 22, 2011

More Roof Repairs...

Back in August we had a leaky spot in the slate barn roof repaired.  At that time, we also got an estimate for putting two rows of snow catchers on the roof.

There used to be snow catchers attached to the slate, but over the years they began to break off.  Without snow catchers, the snow rushes off the barn roof and crashes to the ground avalanche of sorts.  The force of the falling snow damages spouting, lightning rods and the smaller roofs below, and creates huge piles of hard snow in the barn yard.  And oh sounds like a freight train and feels like an earthquake...that tends to spook the animals.  And the people.

The snow catchers should hold the snow back, allowing it to melt into the rain gutters rather than falling in an avalanche.

Yesterday in the rain, the guys came to set up their scaffolding... couldn't pay me enough to climb up and work on there!  You won't find any pictures from up top this time!

Jim found some pieces of Peach Bottom Slate in the shop that they were able to use...

This nifty slate cutter cuts the slate to the size they's kind of like a large paper cutter...

Today was a much nicer day to be working up on the roof...

And of course there's always morning snack time...

Fixing a broken lightning rod on the roof of the outside pen...

And they're working their way across the snow catchers in place...

Tomorrow they will come back and finish, and clean up. 

We'll have to see how well the snow catchers work...with weather like we've been having, it might just be a while until they're tested!  

December 22...first day of winter...temps near 60*   Hmmmm...

It's better than snow, in my book!


  1. Repairs! It's a never-ending task. :-) Glad you're getting this job crossed off the list.

  2. Wow, you guys have a whole different type of farm repairs up north! I've never even *heard* of snow catchers!

  3. I love this post I have never seen snow catchers nor slate tiles on a roof. Very interesting. I was also noticing the scaffolding I should show My Hero that :)
    It is probably much safer than a ladder in the tractor bucket. :)
    It still gives me the shivers.
    Merry Christmas To you and your family Alica.

  4. A very handsome barn you have!But very tall. I can see why you'd need something to break the fall of a huge avalanche of snow off that roof. We are having a no-snow-so-far winter here too. Good thing. Santa is rumored to be bringing bicycles to some good kids. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  5. Sixties, where's ours? We've not been having that nice a weather. Nice, but not that nice.


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