Saturday, December 17, 2011

Waterline Woes...

Out of all the things I could "worry" about, one of my biggest hangups is finding a broken water line in the barn.

The water lines in our barn have been around for a while, and like anything, they occasionally need a bit of attention.  This week was one of those times. One of the cows had a sore front foot, and needed to have her leg pulled up in order for us to see what was wrong.  While her foot was pulled up, she leaned a little too hard and bumped into the water line that ran above her stall and down to her water bowl.

The connection at the top where the elbow and down pipe come together had rusted, and that extra pressure did it in.  Drip...drip...drip...and it soon became a steady trickle.

So...out came the pipe wrenches...

Jim put a second pipe wrench in place for me to hold, and he turned his until he was able to loosen the union the rest of the way by hand...

The down pipe has been removed, and a few drips of water drain out of the open pipe from above...

We are fortunate to live neighbors to a welding shop, where Jim quickly had a new pipe cut to the proper length.  He ended up replacing the elbow as well, and we were back in business before long.

I'm not sure why I "worry" about this type of thing so much!  I know that everyone has to fix a water line now and then...but water is so very necessary, and if we're without, things pretty much stand still until the problem is fixed.  

I'm thankful that the problem was relatively minor, and that Jim was able to repair it quickly!



  1. So lucky you can take care of those little things yourself. I hate when things break down. I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have my dad and nephew and son to help me with things.

  2. Wow don't you hate when that happens? :) It is a good thing Jim is handy. Have a great Christmas my friend. B

  3. I'm with you, without water, everything comes to a standstill! Good thing it was a relatively easy fix!

  4. Glad your water lines are no longer ailing, bcause whew! What an indeedy worry! (I'm having a little trouble with my "pipes," too. Hopefully, a lozenge should due the trick. (mild sore throat) But just in case, better alert Jim to NOT put that wrench away quite yet. LOL!

    Best wishes,

  5. Sorry that happened but glad Jim repaired it so quickly! Have a Merry Christmas.

  6. Like I said--marry a guy who knows tools. Looks like you've got a winner there. Nice job to both of you. Hoping for no more plumbing problems for you--at least until the weather is warmer and the ground isn't frozen.

  7. I understand totally! We aren't milking, but we carry water by hand in the winter, and anyone with water woes has our sympathy! I'm glad it was a quick fix.

  8. Mr. Fix-It husbands are such a blessing... mine is one and I always appreciate his tenacity to fix things he knows little about...


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