Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Slate Roof Repair...

Wow!  What a beautiful day!

In fact, it's been a week of gorgeous weather!  Doesn't feel a bit like the August weather we usually have...we've been spared the typical end-of-summer heat and humidity, and been blessed with temps in the low 80's with low humidity.  It was actually cold this morning...someone had even shut the out-kitchen window and turned on the heater!

One project that got worked on today was repairing a section of our barn roof...and what a nice day for that!

One of our Amish neighbors has a slate roof business, and he sent some workers over to check out a section of our barn roof that needed repair...

The leak was just above the hay mow on the east side of the barn.  It was clear from inside the barn where the leak was (the recent rains made it quite clear), but a bit tricky to find from the outside.  He found it, fixed it, and we're good to go!

The Amishman who was there today also commented on the condition of the barn roof...he said it's one of the better roofs he's ever worked on!  The barn and house roofs are both covered in Peach Bottom Slate, which came from a quarry about 30 minutes south of us in southern Lancaster County.  It's a very high quality slate, and is original to the barn which was built in 1912!  The quarry hasn't been used for perhaps fifty years...so any Peach Bottom slate that you might find has most likely been taken off another roof.

Other than some minor repairs, we have been very fortunate...both Jim, and his Dad before him, have taken good care of it.

The next roof project will likely be to put two rows of snow catchers on the south side of the barn roof.  In the winter, the snow slides off the slick roof and comes crashing to the ground two stories below, sometimes damaging spouting and the barn cleaner elevators on the way down.  But that's a project for another day...

For now, I'll enjoy the beautiful evening watching the Phillies WIN their game against the Mets!


  1. So lucky that your roofs are in good shape. I don't think I had a good roof on the entire property when I moved in.

  2. You better make sure the roof over the goatie girls doesn't leak! :-)

  3. Oh I would really love to see that slate roof. We have a bran that was rebuilt the original burned down in 1939 so it does not have the same charm but it is a cool pretty good shape barn. It really needs a paint job and you know they are expensive. B

  4. It's good to hear that the roof was still in pretty good shape and that he did fix the part that was not good!

    We had some pretty nice weather here too! after that terrible heat it is very nice now.

    It was indeed nice to have a suprise visit and the mammo wasn't (by far) as bad as i thought it would be! monday an update!

    big hugs from Indiana


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