Wednesday, June 28, 2017

What A Summer...

What a summer it's been so far!

We've been incredibly blessed with some gorgeous weather this past week...gorgeous enough that it almost makes me forget the horrible, humid, hot days that we had a few weeks ago!  The breeze is blowing through the house, the birds are singing outside the windows and the blue sky with puffy white clouds is welcome.  When we look south out of the barn in the mornings and see the hills clearly, we know it's going to be a good day!

We've had a lot going on here, and I haven't had much time to read or write blog posts lately.  I have a few minutes today, and some pictures already on the computer, so here's a snap shot of what we've been up to.

Jim finished 2nd cutting hay on June 15th, and baled barley straw that week also.  That Saturday, June 17th was my parents' auction.  They'll be downsizing and moving in less than a month, to a house right across the road from us.  That's our big project this summer.

Here are a few pictures of the house renovations...

The original owners liked the "Bermuda" look.  It looked very nice in it's time, but we were ready to make it our own, and it was sorely in need of new paint and new flooring...

My sister and I, and Jenna started painting the second week of June. Because we knew we were replacing the carpet, it was nice to be able to not worry about dripping paint on the floor.  We chose a darker shade for the front living room, and a lighter shade for the rest of the house.  As you can see, it has a very open floor plan, so it would have been tricky to paint several different colors not in the same family...

Jim ripped out the carpet over the past several days, and the new flooring is scheduled to be installed soon!

I spent most of yesterday pulling up tack strips where we'll be putting vinyl instead of carpet.  Namely the bathrooms, kitchen and laundry area.  They were glued and nailed to the concrete floor, so it took a while.  There was a little damage to the concrete to the floor where we pulled the nails out, but shouldn't be too complicated or time consuming to repair before the vinyl goes down...

While I did that, Mom did some more painting, and she and Jenna did some clean up work.

Next we have to decide what to do in one of the bathrooms where the wallpaper is coming off, and we need to repair some loose ceramic tiles around the shower.  It's been quite a project, but it's been fun to see it coming together!  

If I'm awol from the blog for awhile, it's because I've been just a little bit distracted.  Bear with me...and stay tuned for some "finished" pictures soon!


  1. That's a huge project and it will be nice having your parents near you.

    We're having a real difficult time getting the hay in with the showers every day. The hay is so thick from all the rain and equipments has been breaking down.

    Now that the showers and thunder is over for the day the sun is shining and it's evening. There will be showers everyday this week. I hope that the weather will be better for the rest of the haying season.
    Wishing you a good summer.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. You know how I love projects! I can't wait to see the finished product. What a nice open floor plan. What fun to do as a family project. Have fun!

  3. That's a big job you're taking on. Great that you are getting your hay in. Lots of farmers around here are having problems due to the crazy amount of rain we've had. -Jenn

  4. What a lot of work!!! It will be nice when you are done though. That is a really nice house. I like how open it is.
    Don't work too hard.

  5. Alicia,
    You took on a big project! Yea for having help from your Sister and Mom. There are days I wish my Mom lived across the yard from me. That will be nice for all of you.

    Good Luck as you finish up the house and move your folks in. Looking forward to seeing the project completion pictures.

  6. I was thinking the same thing. I wish my parents would have moved closer as they aged. It became a very difficult task. I love to brain storm decorating. Good thing because ours is coming along very slowly. I feel your pains, literally. you ache here and you ache there after a long day of painting and ripping up carpet. We remodeled the last house inside and out and this one is in the baby stages. We did that difficult thing of using several colors in an open floor plan. My husband thought I'd lost it but it is really coming together nicely. I too like the open floor plan and the choice of colors.


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