Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Hay, Straw and a Heat Wave...

Jim says that the week that the barley is combined is always the hottest week of the summer, and this year is no exception!

But first, there was hay to unload.  Jim's in the middle of 2nd cutting of hay this week, and with no rain in sight for several days, he was able to get several wagon loads of dry hay.  We pulled a small crew together and they got it unloaded this morning.  Oh boy, was it ever hot! I think the temperatures were close to 100% today.  Yuck.

Just a few short weeks ago, this mow was completely empty, and housed a puppy kennel for the chilly nights (which are but a distant memory)...

We'll see how full this mow gets this summer.  It's not quite at the half way mark yet.  I climbed up the elevator for a different perspective.

The crumbs left in the wagon got shoveled into the hay racks in the meadow, for an evening snack for the cows.  That's the first place they go when they're left out of the barn for the night...and if there's nothing in the racks for them, do we ever hear about it!

Then it was time to head over to the barley field.  Those windrows of straw are what was left behind by the combine...

Jim started baling around lunch time, but the straw was still a little tough, so he stopped and waited a few hours to try again. It was nicer (drier) by then, but still not as nice as he would have liked, so he left the rest lay for another day.

I'm glad today is almost over, and right now, I'm thankful for a shower, clean clothes, and for the cool breeze blowing in the window beside me.


  1. That was a hot day to work in the field. It's nice to see the hay stack getting higher and higher. It looks like a good haying day here too today. Harvesting crops is quite an art. Everything has to be just right to keep the quality just right.

    Wishing you more nice haying weather.
    Smiles & hugs

  2. Second cutting of hay already! Wow. I love the smell of fresh hay. A full hay mow must be a comforting sight. -Jenn

  3. WE have had some days in the high eighties with outrageous humidity from the lake that, I swear, is a killer. After doing the chores, I can hardly WAIT to jump into a cool shower!

  4. I hope you get everything in before you get any rain. I think next week will one of our hottest of the year so far. I can't even imagine working out in it. You are a Trooper.

  5. Sounds like a hard days work but rewarding . Those showers and a cool breeze always feel so good after haying !

  6. I can't believe it is that hot. We finally got above 75 today. We have had cold winds all spring. Glad you have hay. Several people are saying they don't have any. I love the hay in the barn photos.


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