Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Signs of Spring...2017...

I'll ask you to forgive me ahead of time for the picture heavy post, but SPRING is here. Completely here, and the sounds and colors make me quite happy!

I like sleeping with the windows open,  hearing the birds singing in the early morning...

I love so many flowers, I might just have to show them all to you...

Dr Ruppel, my early blooming clematis...

Coleus are some of my favorites, and they do well on my porch where they get both sun and shade...

I call this "Happy Row".  The challenge is keeping the dogs from knocking the pots off the bench...

These old fashioned Rhododendron bushes must be around forty years old, at least!

The house finches have once again built nests in my Begonia hanging baskets.  I love hearing their sweets sounds...

And yes, rain is part of spring.  The only sure way to dry running shoes without the dogs dragging them off and chewing them up...

Can you see him?  The corn planter is here!

Phoebe is loving the weather...and is loving destroying the ball that Eric gave her last week...

We'd better enjoy SPRING today, because summer is coming tomorrow!


  1. I love seeing your flowers. I have some Coleus as well and really enjoy them.

  2. Certainly looks like spring around your place!
    Love the pics, and the dog is adorable!!!

    Have a great rest of your week.
    Sounds like it's going to be warm there, as for her in Utah, they are forecasting snow tomorrow...*yikes**.
    It will melt off and the flowers will keep a growin'


  3. You can't have too many photos of flowers. They are God work of art for sure. They make us happy to look at them. I just love those petunia. So so pretty.

    Oh my, that puppy sure grew fast. It's a great idea to hang the running shoes out of reach. I see what the puppy can do.

    There is still flood water in the lower fields but the river water level is dropping.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. Very nice, and good to see the corn getting planted - a sure sign that the nice weather is here to stay! -Jenn

  5. You'll have to keep us posted on the nest. I have enjoyed watching a robin's nest built on the 4-wheeler ramps this spring. Your flowers are beautiful!

    We don't plant a lot of corn, but it's in the ground and is coming up. Randy planted silage this week. He's waiting to plant milo until after the storms that are forecast later today and tomorrow, but he's picking up the seed this AM.

  6. Your spring photos are beautiful. We are nearing winter and it is starting to get a little chilly.


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