Thursday, February 23, 2017

Balmy February...

Sometimes the farmer has to play a little, especially when February feels like springtime...

Windblown, but having fun this afternoon in the MGB...

We had almost record setting temperatures again today...73 degrees...

Is it just us, or does spring seem to be coming early everywhere?


  1. It's been mild here too and the snow is melting but no green grass yet.
    Enjoy the ride in the convertible. A great selfie of the both of you.

  2. We keep having little bursts of warm weather & then back to cold. One more day of sun might make it actually safe to ride again - our drive & lane is still a sheet of ice but the roads have a lot of bare patches now.
    We have hope!

  3. It's been a fabulous February, especially as we missed the extreme cold by going to Houston for 9 days!

  4. Yes, it is very early. Just hope winter doesn't come back. : )

  5. Love this springy February!!! It came early and hope he will stay!!! Very nice selfie:)

  6. It's really mild here, which makes me wonder if the servere weather is just waiting in the wings.

  7. We like to take out our corvette and go for wind blown hair rides also! Two thumbs up for the both of you! :)

  8. oh my goodness, look at your sweet car! MGs are my favorite! (And look at this ridiculous weather NOW.)


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