Thursday, December 8, 2016

Boxwood Tree 2016...

My friend Brenda and I have a fun tradition...if a couple of years counts as that...of making boxwood trees at Christmas time.

I didn't trim our boxwood bushes again this year (oops!) so we had plenty for cutting and making our trees.  We started with several blocks of wet foam and a dish/vase for a base.  (sorry no pictures of this part...we were having too much fun!!)  We then headed out around the house with our clippers and filled containers with snippets of boxwood.  After about 2 1/2 hours, and numerous trips out to the boxwood bushes, we were finally satisfied with the finished products.

Here's my tree last night after I finished decorating it with some of my favorites from my angel collection.  The tree skirt was a score at our local Ten Thousand Villages store a couple of years ago on after Christmas clearance...

Here are some closeups of a couple of favorite ornaments from my collection.  I don't like to put them on our family tree because some of them are rather small and I don't want them to get lost when we undecorate, and go out with the tree!

I bought this one in Heidelberg Germany in 2006 when I took a trip to visit my sister's family...

This tree topping angel/star ornament came from my sister.  I don't remember for sure, but it might have come from her mother in law in Germany...

This one was my latest find at Ten Thousand Villages.  It's made out of tin cans, and is from Burkina Faso...

This one was also a gift, but I don't remember if it was from Germany, or from an estate sale in Chicago!

This pasta angel caroler was made by another sister...

And this one came from Lancaster Central Market in 2008.  It's not a great picture, with the glare from my flash, but it's a Springerle cookie with an angel...

I have other angel ornaments from various people and places, but these are just a few of the ones that had "stories" behind them that "made" the blog today!

Brenda and I had a fun afternoon, creating and reconnecting since our busy lives have gotten in the way!


  1. Obviously this boxwood does not grow here be cause of our colder climate, so I've never seen it. I was wondering, does it flower & what do the flowers look like? Your picture looks like a houseplant I have & love but that was named to me as a Goldfish plant (because the blossoms look like little orange goldfish).

    1. Sorry...I meant to reply to you yesterday! The boxwood bushes don't bloom, and just need trimming to keep them shaped up, which I've neglected the past two summers! Yikes! I've heard of the Goldfish plant, but this is different. :) Check out the link for information...I don't know what variety we have, since they were planted years ago, but it's something like these!

  2. How creative to make a boxwood tree. I love the angel collection so gracefully displayed on it.
    Wishing you seasonal blessings.

  3. What a lovely tree you made and the ornaments are charming.
    Great job.

  4. Thanks for sharing. What a great idea and a fun way to share the Christmas spirit with others.

  5. The memories behind Christmas ornaments are ones that last a lifetime. One of those little things that can be so close to our hearts.

  6. i loved your tree .traditions are always great fun to follow . loved your decorations specially angles from your sister


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