Monday, October 31, 2016

Wind Damage...

Yesterday started out to be a gorgeous day!

We said good bye to our last puppy...headed off to Church...had lunch...and relaxed a little before going to Jenna's orchestra the MGB with the top down...

But when we came out from the concert, the sky was black.  Hmmm...this was unexpected!  We hurried home, put the top up on the MGB and got ready for evening milking.

Suddenly out of the west, the wind began to blow...and blow...harder and harder.  Jenna and I watched from the kitchen window as an empty hay wagon rolled seemingly effortlessly across the yard, across the road and into the neighbor's yard, coming to rest against a tree, thankfully without doing any damage.

There wasn't much thunder, lightening, or rain...just about 15-20 minutes of strong winds.

After it was over, we looked to the west, up in the field where Jim finished baling corn fodder on Saturday afternoon...

We've never had anything happen like this before.  It looks like the side of the green wagon might have a little damage where it hit the ground, but Jim will look it over closely later today when he uprights it again.

Thankfully nothing worse happened.

There's a lot of power in the wind!


  1. That must have been incredible wind! Wow!

  2. This part of Canada is called 'the windy province', complete with yearly tornados. Bad storms are always potential disaster.

  3. I hope you didn't find a lot of additional damage. It's good that the baling was done or it would be strung all over. Nature is a powerful force.

  4. Wow, how scary. I am glad nothing else was damaged.

  5. Wow something how quick the wind came along. Glad there wasn't more damage.
    Bet you miss those puppies.

  6. Goodness! Glad there wasn't anymore damage!

  7. That is scary. I'm glad nobody was hurt. It must have been one heck of a wind. Did it do any other damage?

  8. OH! NO! That was a terrible wind. We get that sorta wind out here, but we have warning.

    I'm glad no one was hurt.



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