Thursday, February 11, 2016

Winter Fence Building...

There are a lot of things I wouldn't want to be doing this time of year, and I was reminded again of one of them today...

The last section of old meadow fence at the "other farm" is being replaced, and this is the week it was put on the schedule.'s a cold week to have to be working outside all day!

Jim penned the heifers and dry cows inside the barn, where they can stay out of trouble, and watch the activity if they so choose...

The north side of the barn yard will be replaced with wooden fence and a gate.  The post holes are all dug, and the fence posts are resting loosely in place....

There are bags and bags of Quikrete that will be used to anchor the posts securely into place...

The east side of the meadow will be replaced with PVC fence.  There will be an electric wire running through the fence for added security against rambunctious animals that have wanderlust...

...and the section along the driveway will be done as well...

In the next day or so, once the posts are anchored into their holes, the rails will be snapped into place, and it will look fantastic!  It will be a huge improvement from an old fence that needed lots of repair!

I'm joining up today with Good Fences.  Click on the link to visit other blogs with more fence posts!


  1. yay! but i'm with you on not wanting to be out there in the cold setting those posts!

  2. Your PVC fence is going to look fantastic. Is your ground frozen hard? At our farm fencing is usually done after the ground has thawed and the river has receded in the spring. It's a big job and i wouldn't want to do it on a cold day either.

  3. I agree putting up a fence in winter can't be much fun. It was fascinating to see the process though.

  4. I am not sure if I would have pinned the animals up and waited a few days. I just cannot take the cold.

  5. That is a lot of work! I am surprised you can dig those nice holes in the winter.

  6. Yes, it must be cold being out there all day putting up a fence. Sure will look nice though.

  7. Looks like a lot of hard work and it must be so cold out there in the open. Looking forward to see the finished work and your new fence.

  8. Alica, I think it's so nice that you provide shelter for the cows... there are so many here who don't, and I always feel sorry for them, out in the elements, especially at calving time.


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