Monday, May 18, 2015

This Past Week...

Life has been pretty busy here this past week!  A lot happened...

The corn was planted on Monday...

The rye was baled and wrapped...

Some hay was baled and wrapped in round bales...

Some hay was baled dry in small squares (much to the relief of those who get to feed it!  They don't like feeding balage)...

Jenna did the grunt work of the mulching.  She shoveled two scoops off the truck and I spread it around.  While we were mulching we noticed the Rhododendron on the north side of the house was in various stages of blooming...

...and look who we found sleeping in the Rhododendron from the pesty dog who just couldn't seem to let her alone...

Then on Friday, the soybeans were planted...a bit earlier than usual.  Behind those bags of seeds, you can see the dry hay that was baled this week.  It's not much, but it's a start!  First cutting is really hard to get dry.  The stems are usually tough, and the temps aren't quite as hot as in the middle of the summer, so it dries slowly. That's why Jim often bales it wet in round bales and wraps it...

Here Jeremy is no-tilling beans into the rye field.  You can see how dry it is here, with all the dust flying.

On Saturday evening, we had some much needed rain...finally!  We had another shower early this morning, giving us a total of about .40"  We're about 5" behind normal here for the year, and we're glad for every little bit we get!  Some areas close to us had 2" - 3" on Saturday night, and while it was much needed, it came so fast that some of their field really washed.

Now for this week...hopefully today, the rye fields will be sprayed to burn off the rye that is beginning to get green again.

It's steamy and hot today...hopefully that little bit of moisture and the heat will pop the corn through.  Stay posted for the progress of seeing things grow!

We have a busy week ahead with the kids as well...Jenna has her last orchestra concert, and Eric has two senior awards ceremonies.  He will be receiving two athletic for being a scholar athlete, and one for lettering at least three times in two sports (cross country and track).  The other is an unknown award...could be a scholarship or an award from the school...we'll see!  How can it be that we have a senior almost ready to graduate?!


  1. glad the kids are doing well! and yay for corn planting! hopefully the rain and warmth will help it grow well! we're getting tons of rain here. no hay cutting yet AT ALL! usually by now fields have been baled all around the area and i've not seen one done. just too consistently wet.

  2. Yay for the kids doing so well in their school programs. The manure was sprayed on the fields as soon as the water went down and the soil drained enough.

    They seeded some grass this weekend. No hay cutting yet.

    Hope your back is getting stronger all the time. Love the pretty Rhododendrons.
    Have a great week.

  3. My goodness, you have had a very busy time there.
    Congrats to your kiddos on their achievements!!

    Nice to have the crops in, and sending you wishes for a great growing season!


  4. Sounds crazy busy at your place! Spring is always like that!

  5. Thanks for showing us what farm life is all about, Alica! Congratulations for your senior!


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