Sunday, November 17, 2013

The End of a Season...

I've been thinking of ideas for blog posts lately...and tossed this idea around for a while.


It's not exactly farm blog material...except for the fact that it involves the farm kids!

Ever since mid August, our schedules have been (or at least had been until lately) pretty much dominated by the cross country season.

Eric has been running ever since 7th grade...

 ...and this year, Jenna joined the cross country team as well...

They both had great seasons!  They had a great coach, and made some good friends as well.  Both qualified to run in the League and District races.  Eric placed 20th in the League Championship meet, and was selected by the League's coaches to be a "Second Team All Star", which is an honor!

At the Cross Country Honors Banquet, there were also five seniors who received Scholar Athlete Awards. Coach is in the middle in this picture, and Eric on the far right...

Now that the season is over, life has relaxed a little for both kids, and for us too.  We enjoyed going to the meets when we could, but unfortunately, they were usually close to milking time.  We also have our evening barn helpers back, which is great!  (for us, but maybe not so much for them!)  :)

We're proud of them both!  What a great way to stay in shape and make good friends at the same time!


  1. really wonderful! you deserve to put a 'proud' post of them here! yay for your athletes!

  2. I am glad they chose a sport they will continue to use throughout their lives. I just started running again after doing track in high school. I'm glad I did. They did great and I think it is wonderful you posted about their success.

  3. Congratulations to you all. It sounds like a very rewarding year!

  4. Congratulations to Eric and Jenna. Their efforts have paid off and you have every reasons to be proud.

  5. Congratulation to both of you. Hard work never fails.
    Good luck:)

  6. Oh Congratulations to them both. Hug B

  7. How nice I am glad you shared. I think it is always nice to see what you and your family has been doing.

  8. Gosh, what a GREAT way to stay in shape! I think it's a great choice for a blogpost! Way to do, Eric and Jenna!

  9. Kudos and congrats to the kids! You guys must be very proud!! :)

  10. Those darn demanding cows sure can put a kink in the planning of a day. But your ladies look as well cared for and happy as your family.

  11. My boys both did cross country this year, and I am a BIG fan of the sport. Personally I can't run due to some health issues, but I'm so happy to see my boys doing it. It is such a great sport that can be a lifelong type of exercise too. Congrats to your kiddos!

  12. Awesome! What great kids :)
    Glad you have your helpers back.

  13. Congratulations to the farm kids! That is quite an accomplishment to run cross country.


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