Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Work Has Begun...

It might not be feeling too much like spring around here right now, but the spring work has begun!

Yesterday Jim spent all afternoon cleaning out the "outside pen".  This is the pen where we keep the oldest heifers...the animals that are closing in on one year old...up to fifteen months old, when they are bred and taken to the other farm.

Today he took down the plywood barriers that helped to keep the cold winter winds out of the west side of the barn.

I was working in the house today, and I would hear the skid loader starting up...and then the Farmall M coming out from behind the barn and down the road, over and over again.  He spent most of the afternoon back and forth between the two...spreading load after load of pen pack manure on the fields.  By milking time, the "wooden pen" was cleaned out as well...

The young heifers had to share some tight quarters for a few hours this afternoon while Jim was working, but finally they were separated back into their respective pens.  They're always so excited to run around in the fresh bedding (corn fodder), and always curious to see what looks different.  The wooden barriers were covering that gate all winter long until this morning, so they're enjoying the "view".  I'm in their way, but behind me they can see the outside pen heifers...lounging outside in their own little "meadow".  All in good time...they'll be out there by mid summer...

As I was looking at the pictures I took, I realized that there was an observer that I had missed...

Peanut, the new mama of three-day-old kitties, was either hoping to catch a mouse, or hoping I'd offer her some special treats.  Probably the latter!

It always feels and smells so fresh when the outside and wooden pens are cleaned out, and the barriers are removed in the springtime.  Now if only the temperatures would rise just a little...and the March winds would die down...

Wouldn't that be nice?!!


  1. I love this post, Alica! Some really good looking heifers, there. As you know, I grew up on a Holstein dairy; I also worked for the National Holstein Association as an evaluator in the 70s. Please post more pictures of your cattle in the future. I love it!

  2. I wish it was looking like spring here but we still have so much snow on the ground. I'm still at my daughter in Ottawa and although the temperature is getting a bit warmer, spring seems so far away.

    I'm here until Easter and then I'll be back working on the farm. I'm sure It will take a few weeks to built back my lost muscles.

    Thanks for the update on your farm. It feels so good to have a fresh barn.


  3. I miss barn cats. I agree with you, it is such a good feeling to have the barn cleaned out and fresh straw. I'm afraid when I was a kid the old barn wasn't big enough for a skid loader and mucking was done with a pitchfork.

    1. Bonnie...the rest of our box pens have to be cleaned out with a pitchfork! Jim takes out the windows, parks the manure spreader outside, and gets to work! :)

  4. Whew... it really must be spring, but WHEN will we see it?

    I'm glad you're helping the new mama!

  5. Everything smells fresher after a good spring cleaning, even the barn! :)
    I hope the weather breaks for you guys soon!

  6. It looks like spring is on the way. You have new kittens, that is a sure sign. There is something nice about getting things in order.


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