Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Bit of History and a Book Review...

As things aren't too exciting this time of year on the farm...other than some new calves and some issues that come up with cows or might get to read about some things other than farm life.  :)

This was an exciting happening in our "family" this past year!

It began three years ago, when Jim's cousin, Lynette Leaman Brenneman, decided to write a children's book about the Hans Herr House...the oldest homestead in Lancaster County, which dates back to the early 1700's. Lynette is a descendant of Hans am I...and of course our kids are as well.

Lynette began her project three years ago, when Jenna was 10 years old.  She (Lynette) was a third grade teacher, and when teaching about local history, couldn't find information about the Hans Herr House that was geared towards children, so she decided to write a book herself!

Jenna had volunteered at the Hans Herr House for two summers, demonstrating how food was preserved in the basement of the old house.  She and another girl who volunteered there...and is also a descendant...were chosen to portray the characters in Lynette's book.  They spent many hours in costume as Lynette took their pictures for her book. You can read a book review that was in our local paper recently here  .

The book cover...

We were excited when Lynette's book was published this summer!  It's a great "fictional story about a real girl"...a bit of local history that is fun to look at and read!

It can be found locally to purchase at several locations listed in the book review.


  1. How fun. This reminds me of the American girl stories. How special for your daughter. She is adorable!

  2. That is so cool Alica!!! Great photo too. I will track that down. Is it on Amazon yet? I love stuff like that and I am sure it would be so interesting.

  3. How fortunate for your daughter to be part of this book. I think that it's exciting. Imagine her children reading this book. Your daughter looks so sweet in that period costume.

    Thanks for sharing this important event with us.
    Sending all the best for the new year.


  4. Wow!
    That's wonderful.
    How exciting to be a part of such a great book!!

    Thanks for letting us know :)

  5. Oh how fascinating and exciting for Jenna and all who get to enjoy this book. It sounds very interesting that is very exciting. Congratulations to the author and to the girls. Love that photo. What a great experience to be involved in. B

  6. That's awesome . WOW ! What a wonderful story yo be able to tell others for those involved in the book ! Have a good day !

  7. Hi Alica, My boys were excited to get this book for Christmas from Rhoda, when they recognized Jenna! I think the photographer/author did a great job capturing Jenna's sweet personality. We hope to get her to sign it for us :)

  8. What a cool thing for Jenna, being in the book AND the volunteer work, and how neat that Lynette wrote a book for the children to enjoy! :)


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