Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Thankful List...

I think I would have to say that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday...if only it lasted longer than one day!  Sometimes I think it actually gets sooner do the fall decorations start to show up, than they are replaced by Christmas ones.  That bugs me!!

But no matter what I see when I drive past the outlets, or no matter what songs I hear on the radio...I can still be thankful as often as I'd like!  Here are just a few things on my thankful list...

I am thankful for...

...a hubby who loves me (us)...who enjoys the simple things in life and the value of hard work.

...our kiddos...both teenagers now who might not like to be called "kiddos" but I'm their Mom, so I'll call them that as long as I want to!

...healthy bodies that can heal.  After a freak incident in the barn that left me with a slightly separated shoulder and very sore muscles for almost two weeks, today I can say that I feel almost 100% again! food co-op friends.  Two nights a week, I don't have to think about what to make for supper.  Loving this!

...our Church family...listening...learning...being real...working hard together

...our two teenage neighbor boys who spent thirteen (yes, thirteen) hours raking leaves and cleaning up the yard at our rental property (without least not to me!!)

...dogs that don't roam the neighborhood (although they do dig holes all over the yard)

...a hot shower

...our kids' friends

...that I mowed the yard today for the last time in 2012, at least I hope so!

...that our kids enjoy being with their cousins...all of them!

...warm, soft, playful, sweet kitties that have good motors in them

...that our families both live (mostly) nearby

...gourmet cheese potatoes (can you tell what I'm making for our feast tomorrow?)

And the list goes on...and on...too many things to mention...some of them seem a little silly...but there's no better time to think of all the things we have to be thankful for.  Every day.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

What are some of the things you are thankful for?


  1. You have a great list! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving week (it's not over until Monday)!

  2. I love your list. Lots and lots of things to be Thankful for and I was cheering inside because so many things you are thankful for I am too. I am so glad your shoulder is 100 percent today. :) Have a lovely Thanksgiving.

  3. Great list of blessings in your life. Sorry about the shoulder injury.

    It's not Thanksgiving here but at prayers this evening I had a very long list to be thankful for. Just gifts from God that we take for granted. My list is way too long to recite here.

    Speedy recovery from your hurt shoulder and Happy Thanksgiving. Eat some extra turkey for me.

  4. Oh Alica Happy Thanksgiving. Wow I do hope our shoulder is better, I am truly sorry that happened to you.
    I love your list and I do not think there is anything that you could put on your list that would be silly.
    I like that our Thanksgiving was a month ago and I can now enjoy yours. I like turkey wished I lived closer:) HUGS B

  5. Alica a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and your family. Please tell your folks hello and Happy Thanksgiving. My mouth is watering just imaging what your Mom is cooking today ;o). We are going to the country to Eric's brother for a peaceful BIG meal and yes we are bringing the pies, that is the 4 left over ones. Not complaining Caitlin and I just didn't feel like making any more pies today so we were THANKFUL these were not picked up ;0

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to you all Alica!! Your list is great and nothing is every too small or too silly to be thankful for. Right now, I'm thankful for the smell of the pumpkin pie in the oven! YUM!!

  7. I'm greateful you are feeling better, Alica! I hope you have a great meal tomorrow with your loved ones, and that you give us the recipe for the cheesy potatoes!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving!!
    Glad your doing 100% now. Never fun to be down and out.
    I'm thankful for my life, husband, kiddos, farm and all it's challenges and joys! To name a few, oh and cheesecake too!


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