Tuesday, November 27, 2012

First Snow of the Season...

It might not be amounting to much, but it's snowing!  Kind of.  It started to rain in the early morning hours, then turned to wet snow around 7:30 this morning.  Now I think it's just a wet mixture, but the ground is still white!

I was working in the house this morning, and around 11:00, decided to go gather some eggs and take my camera for a short walk.  The chickens don't like snow.  Most of them were either inside their shed, or huddled under their porch...

This one was brave...and curious.  She stood there for a while, balancing on one leg, checking me out...

And there was evidence that a few others ventured out into the snow as well...

Next to the chickens, the calves were snug in their hutches.  I put some fresh, dry straw in their pens when I fed them this morning, and you can see here (on the right side) that Jim has put the backs on the hutches for the winter.   They can't run out the back now, but will be protected from the cold winter wind.  The pen on the far left is empty and is being used for extra hay and feed.  When we get another heifer calf, he'll put that back on too...

The older heifers were loving the snow...they ran to the far end of the outside pen to play...

But the cows stayed inside today.  When I peeked in the barn, they were almost all laying down contentedly, chewing their cud and making milk!  The second cow there, #308 was just fresh recently.  It looks like she hasn't quite cleaned up her feed, so we'd better keep an eye on her...

Last night, the forecast was calling for up to 3" of snow, and the kids were hoping for a two hour delay this morning.  Too bad for them, it didn't happen...but it's snow none-the-less, and it sure feels good to be able to be in the warm house, taking a little bit of a break this afternoon!


  1. Chickens are so funny in the snow. Ours come flying out of the coop and land in the pile of snow and get stuck, then we have to go rescue them and put them where there is no snow. They get stuck!!
    Hope the new mama cow is OK and eats her food soon.

  2. Snow! Here we go again!

    I wish you would explain about the cows, the adult milkers. Do they stay in their stalls all day?

    1. Mary Ann...that's a good idea for a post someday...thanks! But a short answer would be...no, they aren't always inside. It depends on the weather. In the summer, they stay outside all night, and go out for several hours during the day. When it's really hot, we bring them in and turn on the fans. (they don't handle the heat well at all) In the winter, they go out for exercise in the barn yard while we clean their stalls, and then come back inside. This time of year they're also inside at night. If they go out on pasture this time of year, it can damage the pasture, because there's so little regrowth when it's cold. Hopefully that helps a little bit! :)

  3. I love the chicken tracks in the snow. Beautiful patterns.
    We have our calves inside in small individual pens because that our set up in the old barn. I'm sure that they don't get as much fresh air as in the summer when there a good air circulating in the barn with the doors and windows all opened.

    A freshened cow is always a tricky thing. Any number of things can go wrong. Hope that she will be OK.

    Take care and enjoy the white scenery.

  4. Beautiful pictures of the snow! I really like the porch on the chickens' shed, very clever! :)

  5. Rain and snow. I vaguely remember what they are like. It looks like everyone is cozy there!

  6. Oh I am so happy to see you getting this, I want it but I don't want it. Love the chicken tracks I love that. Our calves love the snow and I love watching them play in the snow. I guess I would like to play in the snow now that I think about it. I miss doing lots of outside chores.I am heading out in the sunshine to take my cows some hay on the dry ground:) Guess what I have been working on? Accounting books since early this morning I am in March LOL getting there. I would rather be outside or anywhere else. Procrastination is not our friend:) Enjoy the new white start. Hug B

  7. Oh I do love your photos soo pretty ! Reminded me of our hobby farm in the snow when I was a kid ! I like it when the first snow fall arrives ! Everything is so peaceful and pretty ! Our snow we had is now all gone ! Warm temps and rain by the weekend here . The weather has been really strange for us here this time of year ! Have a good day !

  8. That picture of the chicken tracks is great. I agree with Julia, love the pattern.

  9. Alica, we were teased that we might see some snow. It has been all rain instead. Very much needed rain as we have had none since Sandy. The weather seems to have changed to fewer precipitation days, but maybe too much when it happens. The big rains don't soak in as much.

  10. Your Pictures looks so pretty. The snow looks so nice. I bet it did feel nice to come in out of it.
    I like your chicken pictures. So glad you took a walk.

  11. Lucky you snow. How I would love to be walking in snow in my town. Your pics are beautiful.

  12. Every year new snow is a novelty. Every January we are wondering what we were thinking when even MORE fills the roads and sticks to the windshield, etc. The chicken tracks were fun, also the stork stance to keep at least one foot from the cold.


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