Sunday, July 29, 2012

The End of a Busy Week...

It's been a busy, busy week around here...we've had cousins from Virginia, and cousins from Illinois visiting...and on Friday evening Jenna showed her goats at the 4-H Round Up!

We've had a little rain on Thursday evening...

...almost an inch!  The storm ended up not being nearly so wild as it looks in this picture.  We've been VERY fortunate around here.  While it was a little dry for several weeks, we can be very thankful for the rain we've had!

And then it was Friday  and time for Round Up with Jenna, Dilly and Pickles...

In the afternoon, Jenna washed her goats one more time, and around 4:00 we headed over to the fair grounds for weigh-in.  Dilly weighed in at 66 lbs, and Pickles at 68 lbs, both middleweights.

Here she is, waiting to go into the ring with Dilly...

Lining up for the judge during the showmanship competition...

That's Dilly, during the market goat competition, doing his dance.  Goats have minds of their own, and it doesn't matter whether or not they're in the show ring.  If they want to dance, they dance...

Here, the judge is checking out Pickles...he's feeling the loin...the most important part of the market goat...

It was a long, hot evening...but the goats did well.  Dilly came in 4th out of 9 in his class, and Pickles came in 2nd, finishing behind the goat that eventually won grand champion!  Not bad for the goat with the most unique personality (and loudest mouth) that I've ever met!

It was late until we got home, as we had to help clean up the barn after the competition was over.  Luckily, we live only a few miles from the fair grounds, so Dilly and Pickles were soon home in their pen and settled for the night.  Jenna gave them a snack of Maple "helicopters" and we said good night.

The rest of the weekend has remained busy, and we will have family visiting until late this week.  which makes for a lively house hold.  If I don't keep up with blogging, you'll know why!

(and if anyone can tell me why my text is highlighted, I'd be glad to know!!)


  1. Congratulations on the roundup. Sounds like a great learning experience.

  2. Well I left a big amazing comment and google ate it so I will try again. The highlights seem to happen if you edit something something I do a lot and I have very long posts. I have been redoing the posts and this takes time as I change my mind a lot. Apparently google wants to see your first draft only:)
    Pickles and Dilly have done a great job they look good. The human that is very patient and I know how hard it is to get a stubborn goat to do what you want is to be congratulated also.
    Congrats Jenna.
    Have fun with your company.
    This is probably highlighted after doing twice and changing spelling a few times:) B

  3. Alica..
    congrats to the kids on the placement of their goats. What a great experience for them too.

    That storm does indeed look hazardous. So glad it wasn't too bad.

    Have fun with your company, and we'll be looking forward to your next post....when you get a chance :)

    Smiles :)

    p.s... sorry, I don't know why your text is highlighted....

  4. That rain cloud photo is a winner with the white barn contrasting against the dark sky. Congrats to the kids and the goats.

  5. Congrats to Jenna ! Is she showing them in the county fair, I hope so.

  6. They did so good. It looks like a nice time. Those are really dark clouds. You got a inch from that? We would be drowning from that much rain.
    I wish I knew why your text is highlighted. I have seen it on other sites but I never knew what caused it.

  7. Congratulations to Jenna and her goats! :)
    Enjoy your company!

  8. Glad you got some rain. Amazing how much we love it when it's scarce. I'm glad to hear the goats did well.


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