Thursday, July 19, 2012

Still Growing...

Despite the intense heat and humidity...(or maybe because of it) things are still growing!

I took a peek at my lima beans, and found a bunch of pods just beginning to fill out, and lots more blossoms...

This Juliette tomato plant doesn't seem to know where to stop!  It has grown up through it's cage on the left and across the top of the next one.  And yes...that is a lot of grass and weeds that you see all around.  I wouldn't normally show you these, as I'm not exactly proud of them...but the heat and humidity has taken it's toll.  I'm just not going out there to pull weeds in this weather...

Peanut's kitties are growing in leaps and bounds.  Poochie and Gato are spoiled rotten. Gato looks just like his grandma, Slinky, except for the black spot on his paw...

That corn stalk...and all the others around it...have reached their full height, tasseled, and are growing big ears.  In about another month, +- a few weeks, they will be chopped for silage...

These volunteer beanstalks sunflowers that I replanted are way over my head.  I wouldn't be surprised if they're 12 feet high.  I don't think I've ever seen them grow this tall...

The zucchini are doing their thing...

And last but not least...and much to our dismay...the holes in the yard are growing too!  The dogs (although they have numerous cool spots to lay, like in front of the fans in the barn, and on the cool, shaded cement floor above the cistern) dig up the grass and make holes to lay in when it's hot.  We'll be needing to fill in with topsoil in numerous places this fall...

On another note...I recently received this cute project bag in the mail...

I never win anything was lucky enough to win this bag in a drawing from Holly, at Easing Living the Hard Way.  She has an etsy shop called The Calico's worth popping over and taking a look!  She's a wonderful seamstress, and on her blog you'll learn about life on her farm in Northeastern Wyoming.

And one more thing...much more important than how things are growing here...would you please pray for my friend Glenda and her family?!  She and her family were vacationing and visiting family on the Oregon coast this past week.  Yesterday morning as she rode her bike to the beach, she had an accident which left her in a coma with a severe head injury. Until the swelling in her brain reaches acceptable levels, it's unknown the extent of her brain injury.  Your prayers for her, for her family, and for her caregivers would be appreciated!

William D. Blank

Thank you!


  1. I"m sorry to hear about your friend. We certainly wishing her well. I'm glad things are still growing for you. You must still be getting some rain! Congrats on the apron.

  2. Alicia, I'll be keeping your friend in my thoughts! I had also been thinking of you and wondering how things were growing as we've watched the evening news show the brown and dried up corn in parts of Iowa and elsewhere in the US. Glad to see things are trucking right along as they should be for you. (well, except the weeds). Cheers, Jenni

  3. How unfortunate for your friend and her family. I will keep her in my prayers. She has a beautiful smile in that picture. I hope that she will recover completely from her head injury.

    Thanks for the update on your crops. My husband always says, If weeds can grow in your garden, then you can grow anything...

    Wishing rain in good measure. JB

  4. I am so sorry about your friend. I will be praying for her.

    Your garden is doing very well you must have had some good rains. B

  5. I am so sorry for your friend I will be praying for her. Your garden looks great. I have weeds too, giant weeds, almost bigger than my corn. Aw well, weeds love heat and humidity and I don't. :)Your kitties looks wonderful and your sunflowers look beautiful.
    I love seeing your garden.

  6. This was a wonderful post, Alica, I loved the pictures.. I'm glad you're getting a good garden. I'm so sorry for your friend and will remember her and her family daily in my prayers. Please keep us posted.

  7. Your garden looks amazing!! The tomatoes!!!

  8. I will think good thoughts for your friend. I am happy to see your corn is surviving. My sister is by Sioux Falls, SD and theirs is burned up. Some will make it for silage. If I showed you my 4 stumpy little sunflowers you would sure laugh.

  9. First i am so sorry about your friend and will pray for her.
    Your garden looks great! And lima beans....I never liked lima beans until I had your Mom's. I still talk about Helen's lima beans at work...Yum! My garden has weeds and it is too hot here to go out and weed,and my tomatoes are not doing as well as yours. I have told the tomatoes " start growing and putting tons of fruit on and then I will weed you", no luck so far.
    Having coffee with Alice tomorrow:)

  10. I'm so glad to see things are growing for you there. I've heard a lot about the drought setting back the corn and soybean crops in the midwest. So sorry about your friend. Hoping for a complete recovery.

  11. Sending prayers and healing thoughts to your friend. I hope she has a complete recovery. Your Gato looks just like my Slimmie - that little white chin and solemn look. I've never tried growing lima beans but I love them. Maybe I will try them next year.

  12. I just prayed for your sorry to hear that happened.
    I cannot believe how everything is growing so much..maybe it IS all of that humidity!! Your sunflowers are gorgeous!! and, I am super duper jealous of your tomato plants!! Who cares about the weeds..hahaha, I know...they are sucking up precious water that your tomatoes could be getting...but yes, it is way too hot to weed! I have not been outside very much this summer and I feel guilty about's been so incredibly muggy and hot!! Today is cooler because of the rain yesterday and it is still very cloudy today. I am finding myself looking forward to Fall,but I know that I really shouldn't be wishing my days away like that!!! LOL!!

  13. Sending lots of good thoughts for your friend's recovery!
    The grass and weeds in your garden look about like mine! LOL!! I saw my first tiny green bean today and have picked two peppers so far, that's it!

  14. Prayers and best wishes to your friend... Your sunflowers~ AMAZING heights!

  15. Yes.. praying for your friend.

    Your gardens are doing great... and yep... we certainly get the weeds right along with the veggies.
    Huh.. guess those weeds like sun and water too.

    Congrats on your win! Cute, cute bag!!
    I'll have to go over and check out her blog.

    Smiles :)


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