Saturday, October 29, 2011


I guess the weatherman knew what he was talking about this time!

After breakfast...


...and it's still snowing.

It's a heavy, wet snow, and tree branches are bending under all that weight.  Time to head to the barn to finish milking before we lose power! 

Happy October!


  1. Wow Alica I am glad I live in the supposedly great white north (Canada) LOL You can keep it. It is a good thing you got your harvest in. I like the snowman. Have fun. B

  2. Oh WOW ! You got a lot of snow ususally its us here in Canada that looks like that by now. Nice photos. Have a wonderful evening and stay warm by the fire.

  3.'s still in the 80s here during the day! Stay warm!

  4. I hope your power stays on. It's so hard on the trees when they still have leaves. Of course I think I'd take moisture in any form right now.

  5. Wow it is pretty but geez, all before Halloween.
    Do you know how to make igloos?
    I remember when one of the guys said that the east coast was going to enter a mini ice age last year I scoffed.
    I hope not, I wish the west coast would enter one. :)
    I hope you don't loose power.

  6. Lots of snow in VA today too! No power at our house. Lots of tree branches down. Hoping that you are faring better than we are!

  7. I love the pumpkin headed snowman! Sorry it snowed. It is amazing we have lasted this long without snow here. Hope you don't lose power.

  8. At least someone took time to enjoy the snowman snow. Milking time in cold weather is a BIG pain.

  9. Wow! Amazing. It is still warm enough for flip-flops and t-shirts here.

    It all looks so pretty though. Hope you don't lose power.

  10. Wow... can't believe the east coast is getting snow so early... they are saying we too, will get snow this year (La Nina again)...

  11. Oh my... TOO SOON!!!! I'm sorry for you!

  12. OH NO!!!!

    I can't believe you got snow!!!!

    I'm looking outside right now, the sun is shinning and i just hope the snow doesn't come South....

    Big hugs

  13. So pretty! I hope you kept your power-I know lots of folks didn't.

  14. Love your pictures. We got hit again yesterday. About 8-10 inches depending where one lives in town. Love snow but this does seem early for snow season. Another snow storm headed in on Saturday. I could get a lot of crocheting and knitting done not to mention quilting this winter.
    Have a great day, pet a cow for me.

  15. Looks like a heavy and wet snow indeed. I hope it didn't cause any problems for you on the farm.

    Have a fabulous weekend! :)


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