Monday, September 12, 2016

Filling Silo 2016...

It's been a busy couple of weeks here, and I haven't taken the time to post much, other than about the puppies.

They're sweet...and growing like crazy!  Two weeks old's a quick  peek from a few days ago...

We've been doing more than playing with puppies though...although that's definitely been the most fun "job"!  Last week we had a return of horrible hot, humid weather.  When it comes in September, it's especially draining.  Both kids had cross country meets on high school and one college...and the heat was not helpful!  We're done with heat and ready for flannel shirt and blue jeans weather.


On Saturday evening they started chopping corn and filling silo here at home. Here's the chopper...ready to go, just waiting for the tractors and silage wagons to come up the road...

I'm always anxious to see this particular field chopped, because then I can see out again.  Some people like to be surrounded by corn fields, but I like to be able to see out!

This morning they came back to finish...

The fields look so different now.  Jim said that he thinks it really starts to feel like fall once you see bare fields appearing...

One of the wagons unloading at the silo...

There was some trouble with the goose neck at the top of the silo this morning, so Jim was at the top working on it for a bit.  I'm not a fan of heights, so I'm sure glad it wasn't my job!

Clean up at the bottom of the silo this morning after the silos were both full...

Deciding when the moisture is just right to chop corn is not an easy thing, so to have this job behind us is very satisfying!

Now it's time to concentrate on fifth cutting of hay.  That starts tomorrow.


  1. your view is opening up and hopefully your world will cool down a bit. wonderful, sweet pups...

  2. Alicia,
    It's amazing how puppies or kittens grow so fast. I wormed my kittens before we went on our trip and when I got back I could see a big growth spurt.

    Good Luck with corn chopping. The corn and sunflowers are starting to turn in our area. We have one neighbor that swathed and baled his corn crop. I'm guessing due to the drought that was his best option.

    5th cutting hay! Dad gets a 4th cutting of alfalfa and that is under a pivot. Hope all goes well with your last cutting of hay.

    Sunday we saw a high of 87* today 59*. Sounds like we are in for a few crisp mornings, which is good for preconditioning calves. The radio called for frost warnings in North Dakota tonight.

  3. The pups are cute! 5th cutting? The farmers here MIGHT get a second cutting this year. We have had frost warnings three times this week. :-{

  4. We don't have a dog right now, but your photos are giving me "puppy fever."

    I know what you mean about a change in view with crops being cut. I've been "preaching" all summer at Randy, reminding him to slow down at corners where the corn blocks the intersection view. Now that the corn is cut, we're back to being able to see a distance down the road. (But he still needs to pay attention!) We got done cutting our corn yesterday. Silage cutting will come later this fall.

    We sometimes get 4 cuttings of alfalfa, but this year, we'll likely only get 3 because we were slowed down in June and July by rain.

    I am ready for fall temperatures.

  5. Aww the puppies are so cute! We are having hot days too!

  6. I just can't believe you get five cuttings of hay!

  7. It always makes me happy when you start filling the Silos. It means Fall is around the corner. Just looking at the picture of Jim way up there makes my stomach flip flop. I am amazed at how many hay cuttings you get. The puppies are adorable. Have a lovely week.

  8. FIVE (5) cuttings???!! I hope you give thanks in abundance; if we get 2 cuttings here it is cause for celelbration.

    1. Yes...5 cuttings is pretty much the norm here, and we've on a rare occasion had 6! We start in early May and usually finish up in September, depending on the weather. Jim counts on about every 3-4 weeks. Makes for a crazy summer sometimes!


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