Monday, July 11, 2016

Memories of Grandma...

This is my Mom's mom...Ella Neff Herr.  Today she would be celebrating her 117th birthday...

Ella Neff Herr  July 11, 1899 - December 31, 2000

I grew up on the farm where she and my Grandpa farmed, and she and Grandpa lived just a short walk across the meadow.  We had a path worn from our house to theirs, and I remember walking often to their house, opening the white wooden gate at the corner of their yard, walking up the short hill, under the rose arbor,up the walk that was lined with Portulacas and across the porch.  After a quick knock at the door, I would hear "come in" a voice that was so welcoming and sweet.  It got shakier as the years went by, but it was the most kind, most welcoming voice you could ever want to hear.

In earlier years, I would often find Grandma quilting in the back room. Sometimes I would play at her feet, pretending to play "Noah's Ark" with plastic animals.  I would line them up under her quilting frame and bring her rubber boots to wear so that her feet wouldn't get wet.  She always wore them with a smile!

Sometimes she would be baking those famous sugar cookies.  She always would let us eat more than Mom would, but would remind us not to spoil our supper!

I remember eating breakfast at Grandma and Grandpa's house in their tiny kitchen.  The toaster sat on a shelf above the table, and sometimes...if we were lucky...the toast would pop out of the toaster and fall directly onto the butter dish that was strategically placed below.  :)

Grandma grew beautiful flowers and huge cabbages, like you see in the picture above.  I know she and Grandpa grew other things in their gardens too, but these are what I remember most.

In later years when I would stop in, Grandma would be in her black rocking chair and Grandpa in his recliner. She would often be crocheting and Grandpa would be reading, with the radio always tuned to the same local Christian radio station.  She and Grandpa weren't outspoken about their faith, but taught us by example how to follow Jesus.

All of us twelve grandchildren would say that Grandma made us feel like she loved us the best!  I just happened to be one of the lucky ones who lived next door.

I'm so glad to have this picture of Grandma with Eric and Jenna, taken just a few weeks before she died.  Both kids have vague memories of her...

Grandma always said that she wanted to fall asleep one day and not wake up again. On Sunday, December 31, 2000, Grandma got her wish. She lived a full and happy life...101 years of it...left many, many happy memories with those of us who loved her!

Oh how I would love to be able to spend a day with her again.


  1. OH How beautiful this is to me. I love your memories and sharing your gradnma wiht me. I too loved my grandma, and yes, felt she loved me the best, but she loved all of us. Hannah, was her name, on the south Side of Chicago with backyard filled with phlox and plate sized peonies. Under the bdroom window were the four o'clocks...and at night they woudl bless us with the smeel of heaven wafting in over us. My cousin Allen adn I would go for two weeks in August to stay. HEAVEN on earth it wsa. Fresn strawerries each morning, and blueberries, too. Thin German Crepes at night for supper and just being in her kitchen, like you were too, was pure joy!! I would say we are totally blessed with those memories....and I so thank you for this shared Love. many blessings..Love merri

  2. That's the sign off a talented grandma... When she made everyone feel that special they thought she loved them best.

  3. That was lovely! You come from good genes! Imagine living to be 101! -Jenn

  4. I would love to spend days with my parents and Grandparents again. I loved this memory of yours.


  5. Alicia,
    What a heartfelt post about your Grandma. Thank You for sharing your joyful memories.

    Your Grandma sounds like my Great Grandma, Mom's Grandma. She lived to be over 100 years old and passed away in January of 2000. My Mom has many many wonderful memories of her. Mom and her cousins will say the same thing as you Grandma made each kid feel like they were the most special.

  6. Lovely post and photos . Your Grandma sounds like a lovely lady and glad you have all these wonderful memories . Thanks for sharing . Have a good week !

  7. What lovely memories you have of your grandmother. I was blessed to live near mine too and spent many hours with her.

  8. Great memories to share. And great pictures too!

  9. I loved reading about your grandma. To live just a short walk from your grandma's kitchen sounds like Heaven to me!


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