Monday, September 21, 2015

Happy Birth Day...

We were beginning to wonder if she was ever going to have her calf...

All in her own time...only one week late...

I never get tired of seeing the babies stand up so soon after birth.  They wobble around for a while as they find their legs, but soon they're up and running!  This little big guy has had his first bottle of colostrum and will soon be settled in for the night.

Happy birth day bully!


  1. Congratulations on the big baby bull calf. So glad it all went well.
    My vacations is over tomorrow and I'm flying back home to care for my 33 calves of assorted sizes.
    Happy Autumn. Hugs,

  2. He's a big fella! I used to enjoy seeing longhorn calves, because they are a tangle of legs and yet they hit the ground running.

  3. How wonderful congrats to Mama and you . Hope all is well ! Have a good day and Happy First Day of Fall/Autumn .

  4. Congrats to mama cow. I miss the routine, and surprises of dairy farming, where I spent a lot of my youth. Thanks for showing this little guy. -Jenn

  5. He's a beauty! It's always fun watching them learn how to operate those long legs :-)


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