Monday, February 16, 2015

Record Breaking Cold...

Yup...I'm still a wimp when it comes to the cold!

All last week we could look ahead and see what was coming, but there's nothing like laying in bed, listening to the wind howling outside, and wondering if it's really as cold as they said it was going to be.  And was.

Saturday morning, while it was blustery but still a balmy thirty-something degrees out, Jim and Eric covered the windows on the west side of the barn with sheets of insulation...and it's really, really good they did...

The west side of the barn has absolutely no protection from the north and west winds.  Being mostly windows, the cold wind finds it's way inside and freezes things up really quickly.

We turned the water off the to barn overnight, and that saved a lot of work on Sunday morning.

It was 4 degrees when we got up on Sunday morning, with a wind chill of -23 or so.

We had a few fourth row water bowl valves to thaw, but a calf bottle of hot water did the trick.  The box pen water lines were a little tougher to open, even though they had been drained.  One of them never did open up, so we used a five gallon bucket for those calves.  On Sunday evening, we just used buckets and water tubs for all of them.

Sunday night was bitter cold again, and still windy, although not quite as fierce as it had been.  We shut off the water again overnight, as a precaution.

The thermometer read -1 this morning (Monday), with wind chills in the-20's again. Thankfully, the winds quickly diminished as the morning went on. By evening milking, it was a balmy 12 degrees!  The barn was cozy inside from being closed up and from the cow's body heat, and the box pen water bowls opened right up!

This cold snap isn't over yet, and we might get some snow tonight, but hopefully the worst is over.  I'm glad we don't live in New England, where they're dealing with all that heavy snow of top of the cold!

Are you ready for spring yet?!


  1. i know hauling water and draining lines and all just makes chores that much more involved. i hope you're on the other side of the worst of it!

  2. That is cold! Our highs have been in the teens the past couple of days, and we got about 8 inches of snow last night. Thank goodness for the wood stove!

  3. Being a dairy farmer I know the misery of very cold temperature.
    I'm glad your cold snap is over and I hope the weather will warm up and that Spring will come soon.

    My vacation ends today and I'm flying back home tonight and I'm glad the weather is finally showing signs of warming up but there is another storm brewing my daughter said. Our area was hit hard with snowstorms and extreme wind and cold.


  4. Alica,
    Good Luck dealing with the cold and temperature fluctuations. We have been dealing with big temperature swings too. Last Thursday it was a brisk 9* when we got the bulls into pour them and it warmed to the mid 30’s by afternoon. Friday was in the 50’s. This morning it was -2* when I got up and we are in a wind advisory. The wind advisory states northwest winds of 25-35 mph with gusts up to 50 mph.

    Personally, I love the days when I wake up to 20* (or more) and there is no wind. Less winter layers of clothes and warm temps makes me a happy Ranch Wife.


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