Friday, March 21, 2014

Random Five Friday...Glimpses of Spring...

I can't believe how quickly Friday rolls around each week, but here we are again!  Time for a few random thoughts for the week.

1.  Spring is finally here!  It feels like it should in March...breezy, but with a hint of warmth to the air, and temperatures in the 40's, 50's, and maybe even the 60's this week...

2.  Our mailbox got ruined by all the flying snow as the plows went by this winter.  We had been given a whimsical cow mailbox by some farmer friends who moved from the area, and kept it up in the granary in the barn all these years, just waiting for the right time to put it up here...

3.  This afternoon is the first track meet of the season for our kids.  They both run in the distance events, and we hope to get to see them run in at least one of their events before milking...

4.  Isn't she a cute calf?  This one was born early Monday morning.  She and a buddy are hanging out in the goat pen until Jenna's 4-H goats arrive in a few weeks...

5.   The chickens are taking every opportunity to escape their pen.  They love foraging in the compost bin, the garden, and the flower beds...

The ones that didn't find the crack between the gate and the corner post are jealous...wondering how they can get in on the action...

That's just a quick glimpse of our week here.

I hope you're finding glimpses of spring, wherever you are!

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  1. Oh, man! Cow mailboxes, new calves, chickens and Spring! My favorites!

  2. happy spring time! love all your critters. cute mailbox, too. :)

  3. She is a cute calf, she looks like a big one. We do not have any green in our grass at all and definitely no blossoms. I can't wait till I can take pictures like that.

  4. oh that little calf is adorable, i want her!! have fun at the track meet! my boys have their first baseball practice of the season this evening, can't wait, it's such a pretty day for it! have a great weekend :)

  5. What is that flower? Calf is cute!

  6. Oh Alica we are getting a snowstorm tonight and tomorrow can I come to your house: I would love that warm of air and friendship:))
    Love the cow mailbox and that little calf is adorable. 4H Goat time already wow that seems fast.
    Run kids run:) Have a nice weekend. Thanks for the email to BA hugs HUGs B

  7. Oh that is such a fun week. Lots of good things.
    I love the escaped chickens and the calves. She is a cutie.
    I am so glad you are having spring.

  8. I love your mailbox. Glad to see you are getting some nice weather!

  9. You're looking like summer there! We still have a white world here.

  10. Yay....feels so good when spring has sprung...we are like the chickens and calves being let loose from the shed....can hardly wait to be free from the winter!!!

  11. Wow, it really looks like Spring at your farm, with snowdrop blooming and green grass and a brand new calf out in the fresh air. We still have mountains of snow but the snow has started to melt, it will be a long time before we see grass growing.

    Some chicken are smarter than the rest, just like cattle.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  12. Our temps get to the 40's then go back down into the 20's, hopefully for the last time.

  13. Just loved seeing how spring is treating you my friend... the calf is adorable as is the mailbox. xo

  14. Awww. L O V E that calf!! Super sweet.
    You've got some great Spring things going on there.
    It's a wonderful time of year, and it's clear that Spring is visiting your farm :)


  15. Wow! No snow. That must be nice. I like the new mailbox. The mailboxes here in the hills have really taken a beating thanks to all of the snow.

  16. I'm jealous of your flowers and the temps!!!!!!!!! No sign of winter letting go here!
    And yes that little calf is cute! Most usually are!

  17. Great pictures! I love the calf. It's snowing here today, so it doesn't feel much like spring.

  18. Loved glimpsing your week .
    Great mailbox !

  19. All that snow you've had, and you're way more green than us. I'm truly jealous. That mailbox is pretty awesome, too.


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