Thursday, February 13, 2014

More Snow...

It's still doubt here.  The groundhog was right!

This was around 8 am.  The snow wasn't too deep yet, but there were big drifts across parts of the driveway...

We were glad to see this guy this morning!

The driver said the roads were pretty bad, with lots of drifting.  After he left, we had heavier snow, so we're glad he came when he did.

Feeding calves was interesting.  There was about 8" of fresh powdery snow on top of the crusty, icy path that we had worn down to the hutches.  The dogs went with me, and they just loved the snow...

...Murphy especially...

She's such a DOG!

Once again, the chickens are sequestered in their shed!  At least all the snow cover is protecting the "grass" in their pen from all their scratching!

This is what Jim has spent most of his morning doing...

The piles of snow are getting bigger all the time.  Those round bales are stacked double, but they look like they're sitting on top of the snow...

It really is pretty.  At least it's not bitter cold this time, like we've had in the past.  It will definitely be a winter to remember!


  1. i LOVE your pups!!! and i love how dogs love snow, too. :) it looks plenty cold and blustery there.

  2. Glad that the milk truck came and didn't got stuck this time. I'm glad that the dogs are having fun in the snow.
    We are preparing for a winter storm but we are supposed to get snow, freezing rain and rain while the rest will get about a foot of snow.. I picked up a load of calf feed this morning so I won't have to drive on icy roads.

    Spring is 35 days away.
    Yes, I'm counting the days. I don't mind the snow when it's mild but I'm not happy when it's cold.


  3. We feel for you. We finally got our snow yesterday and today.

  4. Wow that is incredible!! I don't think since I have been blogging have I ever seen as much snow as this year.
    It does look so pretty though. I am so glad it isn't as cold as it has been today. The dogs look cute.

  5. Oh I think it is beautiful I am positive no one will forget this crazy winter. Enjoy it because you all know soon it will be 95 degrees:) Your photos are awesome Alica. HUG B

  6. Your snow pictures are beautiful and the dogs do look like they are having a blast! You are right, it will certainly be a winter to remember!

  7. I definitely won't forget this winter. Hubby had to plow the drive to push the banks back, it's been drifting over quite a bit this year. I love the dogs in the snow, reminds me of our Sadie.

  8. My heart goes out to you, I don't know how you do it up there. I am worn out down here in Kansas!

  9. You are starting to look like South Dakota. Hang in there. It is starting to smell like spring. We have to be getting close.

  10. What a winter. You really have had the snow. We've mostly been cold, but we've had another four inches in the last couple of days and more on the way.


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