Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Goats Have Arrived...

It's time to meet Jenna's new 4-H goats.  We brought them home on Wednesday evening after school.

Last year we had a bad experience with the dreadful Urinary Calculi, and were determined to come home with two females this year. didn't happen.  Instead, we came home with one of each.  Hopefully, using what we learned last year will help us to have a better experience this year!

Bringing them home was a bit different than before.  This time we put down some towels on the back seat of the farm car, and took our chances.  We could hardly believe our eyes, when they curled up together on the back seat like puppy dogs for the ride home, not making a sound...or a mess!  Yay!

This adorable little guy quickly wrapped himself around our little fingers...

 He's tiny...only twenty pounds...but boy oh boy is he feisty!

The girl is a little bit bigger,weighing in at thirty-some pounds.  She was a little bit more shy...

They love having that big tree inside their pen.  It's great fun to hide behind!

It's also fun to climb up on the old stump and make yourself look mighty, even when you aren't...

It didn't take them long to find their jungle old wagon and a board. (Who needs something fancy?) Can you tell...he's getting ready to buck her off the ramp.

Right now, our focus is on getting these kiddos used to us and their new surroundings, keeping them healthy, and getting them to grow.  Before long, Jenna will practice walking them and setting them up.  It's never too soon to start!

Here's hoping for a good 4-H year!


  1. There's not much cuter than baby goats!

  2. They look like 2 nice ones. Wish you could take 2 of my bottle goats. they are driving me crazy.

  3. Oh I have the picture of them curled up on the backseat in my head and it is so adorable. Oh how I miss having goats when I see adorable little faces like these. Oh yes and Jenna's face is adorable too.:) Good luck but you are going to do great Jenna. Hug B

  4. Cute goaties! I love the little female peeking out from behind the tree! :)

  5. They are cute but I hope that as they grow, they will not be too much trouble.
    Good luck.

  6. Well since next to chickens I love goats, I would never get anything done if I had those two cutie pies. Oh my gosh I just love those faces. I love the photos with the little girl peeking from behind the tree and that they curled up in the back seat of the car for the ride home. When I was a kid we had a goat and that goat thought it was a dog so of course it rode in the car every chance it got and even when we were in the house it came too. Much to my Mom's dismay.
    So yep, I love goats.

  7. So cute! I hope they stay nice and healthy and that you have a great 4-H experience with them! Cheers, Jenni

  8. Great project for the kiddos. Best wishes for lots of success.

  9. Yeah! Let the goatie fun begin!

  10. Oh cute!!! Hope you have a successful year with the kids this year.

  11. They are so cute !!!! I know Jenna will take first this year with those sweeties ! I love the one hiding behind the tree :)


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