Wednesday, February 27, 2013

When a Calf Gets Bored...

What does a calf do when it's bored?

The answer is usually, not much.  Maybe she takes a nap...maybe she kicks up her heels...maybe she chews on her neighbor's ear...maybe she looks innocent...

Miss Innocent

...or maybe she jumps over the gate of her hutch and goes for a run!

Isn't she the picture of innocence?  Sweet?

She has you fooled!

Last evening while we were milking, Eric called out..."There's a calf out!"  I went to investigate, and found Miss Innocent running through the yard, across the driveway and around the barn, headed for open fields and the road.   On the other side of the road is a golf course..NOT a good place for a calf to roam.

Jenna and I tried hard to get around in front of Miss Innocent, but she was fast.  Boy was she fast!  Plus, we were running in barn boots, through corn field stubble and rye grass.  She was a bit more agile on her four spindly legs. She had almost made it to the road, when two teenage neighbors came running to help us.  The four of us were able to cut her off and get her headed in the right general direction.  The two dogs didn't help a bit. Slackers!  :)

Long story short...she didn't give up easily.  Eric joined us, and tackled her in the garden.  We got a halter on her and led her back to her hutch.

This morning I asked her what she was thinking...and she just gave me a shake of her head...

She just wanted some adventure, I guess.  All at 2 1/2 weeks of age.

Oh my...what's she going to be like when she's older?!


  1. She was just testing those new legs of her. It does make you wonder here she is so young and already wanting to get out and see the sights.
    That is cute. She is really pretty. You have a golf course across the street?

  2. Those little ones are fast and slippery, aren't they?

  3. You're going to have to keep an eye on that girl. She has big plans for adventure. It sounds like she knows how and when to time her escape, too. (Look the lady's wearing barn boots. That makes her no match for me in the stubble fields. Ha!)

  4. I don't blame her one bit lol ! I have been cooped up for two days due to this rotten weather we have had and I feel the need to get out and run free for a bit lol ! Glad you were able to get her before anything that could of happened to her ! Have a good day !

  5. I am loving the adventures of this girl I look forward to many more even though I knew you do not. Just think of the great blog posts she will give you:) B

  6. It sounds like she is going to be a little handful but she is a cutie!

  7. What fun times! It's amazing how fast they are and the great stamina at such a young age. Pretty girl.

  8. I know all about how fast even a new born calf can outrun me and my son. They have a real sense of survival and oh boy can they run fast just like a deer. They seem to look for an escape at first when we put them in their individual pens and we put a block of wood to prevent them from escaping. They still have enough room to stick their heads out for feeding but can't get out. They will crawl under gated and are pretty nimble.

    I'm glad you were able to catch the calf.

  9. Silly girl just wanted to play a round of golf I guess!! LOL!!

  10. We had one cross a field, cross the road and then another barbed wire fence. We finally told the neighbor boy if he could capture him (bull calf) he could keep him....and he did.

  11. I hope she won't be like that when she joins the milking line! On the other hand, YOU CAN SEE YOUR STUBBLE!!!! NO SNOW!!!!

  12. I always find a bucket of corn is a good tempter... :)

  13. She is a very pretty cow and adventures. Blessings! Lara


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