Saturday, December 8, 2012

Making Christmas Memories...

No matter that it was warm and damp outside, today was a Christmas cookie baking marathon at my sister's house. Jenna and I, my sister and my niece, and my Mom spent the day together.  We each prepared several types of cookie batter ahead of time, and we baked today from 9 to 5!

The sugar cookies took a long time to decorate...

I saw these at a friend's house this week, so we tried them.  Dip these in your hot chocolate for a yummy treat...


...made from this recipe, written out by hand in my Grandma Herr's own handwriting!  She would be 113 if she were here today...

While the cookies baked this afternoon, we were serenaded by Mom playing the piano...

All finished!  We will be eating good...

...or perhaps rather, we will have cookies to share for quite a while!


  1. Oh Alica now this is a feel good make me smile all day and want to come to your house right now post.
    Your Grandma Herr's recipe is so special I cannot even imagine how that makes you feel. Your Mom playing piano and everyone together singing and baking makes my heart swell. Thank you HUGS B

  2. I think I visited at the wrong time of year ! Those cookies look so good and what a fun day spent with the girls, love it.!

  3. I love the Christmas spirit at your house . What a treasure to have your grandma's own hand written recipe. They look yummy.

    How fortunate that your mom plays the piano.
    Big hugs,

  4. wow! Look at all those cookies! That is fantastic...everything looks so delicious. That is wonderful that your mom played the piano for you all. Those candy cane marshmallow treats look pretty awesome!

  5. Alica, was Grandma Herr related to the Herr's potato chip family? We don't have potato chips very often anymore. Grandma Utz makes a pretty mean potato chip too. The Hershey's kisses cookies look delicious. George

  6. What a beautiful day! You are very lucky!

  7. How ambitious! I love the look of the candy cane cookies. The picture of your mom at the piano is wonderful!

  8. I wish my mom and my little sis were here to do this... your family looks happy and the Cookies look fantastic! I'm making the marshmallows, too!

  9. What a great tradition. Looks like fun! Cookie look good too.

  10. Hi!
    Wow! What an impressive day of baking!!

    What fun to spend the day together baking, and making Christmas memories.

    Looks like you are enjoying this wonderful time of year.

  11. Wow Alica, what a bunch of lovely cookies!!! I think every thing is just picture perfect. What fun to get to spend a day like that with your Mom and sister.

  12. Awwww.. what a wonderful day. I miss baking cookies with everyone. So nice your Mom plays the piano.

  13. Hi Alicia, it's Anne from Life on the Funny Farm ( You entered a drawing on my blog last week for a container of Wipe-n-Wash egg cleaners. You won! Pls email me at to let me know what address to send them to. Congratulations! Thanks for participating....


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