Friday, January 3, 2014

First Snow of 2014...

We knew it was coming...but are you ever really ready for the first deep freeze of the season?  Considering that the past few winters here have been exceptionally warm and devoid of snow, we really felt it this morning.  Brrrr...

The thermometer said 11 degrees, and the wind chill was something like -16 degrees.  With that wind, no matter how much you have on and how many wool socks you're wearing, it's still cold.  I know that for a lot of you this is nothing unusual, but it's colder than we're used to having on any kind of a regular basis.

The barn was shut up tight over night, so other than a few frozen water bowl valves, it was comfortable inside.  Much better than I had anticipated. However, when it was time to feed calves, I felt it.

I'm sure some of you have had that recurring dream, where you're trying to run in the water, and you just can't get anywhere?  Well, that's what I had to think of this morning when I was walking back and forth to the hutches carrying milk and water buckets.  Going was ok, but coming back, leaning into the biting wind and high stepping through snow drifts, it felt like I was going nowhere.

Ok, the snow really wasn't very deep and the hill is nothing much.  I guess I'm just feeling my age!  :)

Snickers and Murphy loved it...

I don't think the chickens will be venturing out any time soon.  The only tracks you'll see in the pen for a few days are mine.  They're nice and cozy and have everything they need in there...

Finally it was time to go in and thaw out my coverall cuffs...

I'm very lucky to be sitting inside warming my feet.  Jim is out on the tractor opening the driveway and is bundled up from head to toe, with only his eyes uncovered.  He'll be ready for his coffee when he's finished!

Stay warm, wherever you are!

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  1. love your farm pups! glad all your animals have you to tend to them. :)

  2. Oh I love your frozen coverall cuff photo looks familiar:) Oh I a cannot imagine carrying pails through the biting wind I have not done that for a very long time. I wish your poor husband had a cab on his tractor if I lived closer I would do your driveway.
    Keep warm and enjoy every pretty moment while it lasts. Hug B

  3. Ack, I can't imagine such cold! Your dogs are so wonderful for embracing and loving it. Always surprises me what animals end up thinking is just fine... or even awesome!

  4. We had the same temps, just not as much snow. You guys stay warm too!

  5. I had to wear two pairs of long john under my work pants to keep warm. I had to carry buckets of water and make due also this morning. It was so cold and we had frozen water bowls too and water pipes. It's an old barn that needs repairs. It makes so much more work.

    Your photos are beautiful.
    Stay warm.
    Hugs, JB

  6. I'm sure your animals are happy that you and yours take such good care of them. Stay warm and dry as much as you can!

  7. Really beautiful your coverall Happy New Year

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  8. But it looks so pretty. All of that white snow against the blue sky. Everything just looks so wintery. Yes, I know because I am sitting in the warm house in front of the computer. I bet you would feel like you were walking and not getting anywhere.
    Stay warm if you can.

  9. We don't have cattle to feed anymore,,,,just a few horses on this property, and of course the cats :) My hubby has been clearing snow, he just loves playing in the tractor and doing the neighbourly thing of clearing others laneways as well. Not quite the cold temperatures here in Souther Alberta though. Stay warm! Stopping in from Farmgirl Friday

  10. I love the photos. There is nothing better than a fresh snow. I bet the old chickens don't come out any time soon. Hope it warms up.

  11. looks chilly!! we're supposed to get -4 degree weather here over the next couple of days! YUCKIE :(


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