Friday, September 14, 2012

Dear Glenda...

I still can't quite believe you're gone.

Maybe it's because you've been so far away all this time...out  in Oregon...and we haven't been able to visit.  Maybe it's because this isn't "supposed to" happen to someone so young and vibrant.  Maybe ...

In mid July, while vacationing with her family in Cannon Beach, Oregon, Glenda was in a bike accident and suffered a severe brain stem injury.  She never woke from her coma, and now her journey here is complete.

This isn't about's about Glenda!   I will miss her, but  I believe that now she is, without a doubt, in Heaven.  I imagine her in the presence of Jesus.   Her healing is complete.

This is her family's Christmas picture from two years ago.  Where is it taken?  In their favorite place...Cannon Beach, Oregon of course, with Haystack Rock in the background...

I'll share some of the memories...

Growing up, we lived only a few miles from each other, and rode the school bus together during our high school years.  It was a long boring bus ride, believe me, so we found all sorts of ways to amuse ourselves.  I think Glenda was the only one of us that the grumpy bus driver really liked.  Really!  :)

We worked at a summer camp together in 1984, and kept in touch after high school. Glenda is the one who encouraged me to attend Ecola Hall Bible School, in Cannon Beach.

After coming home from Ecola, Glenda invited me to join a Bible study group.  We traveled together each week, and our friendship grew.  There is a group of close friends that stemmed from that group who still get together on a regular basis.

Here are most of us at Glenda and Bill's wedding in December, 1991...all of us looking a bit younger...

...and two years later at our wedding...October 1993...that's Glenda in the blue dress...she was one of my bridesmaids...

In 1996, we welcomed our babies together.  Here is my sister-in-law with my nephew (5 weeks old), Glenda with Emily (10 weeks old) and me with Eric (5 days old)...

The year most of the gang turned 40, we went away for a weekend together to celebrate.  I was a year behind them in school, and I'm behind the camera, as I was only 39.  But they included me anyway  :)   Glenda is holding the cake...

There are more...but I can't think of or begin to share them all.  I expect that they will pop into my head at different times, and I'll smile, thinking of Glenda's laughter and zest for life!

Please continue to pray for her husband, daughter, parents and extended family and friends.

Glenda, thank you for all the wonderful memories, and for being an example of what being a Godly woman really means!   It is an honor to have called you friend!


  1. so sorry to hear about the passing of your good sympathy to you and prayers of peace that passes understanding to her husband and daughter...

  2. Beautiful tribute to Glenda. So sorry for the loss of a truly great friend! Praying for her family and all those close and dear to Glenda.

    Mary Ann Miller

  3. Alica, I'm very sorry about the untimely passing of your best friend Glenda. It's a consolation to know that your faith is strong and that you realize that her earthly journey is completed and she now lives in the eternal peace and love of Jesus in heaven. She still lives on in your memories and heart.

    So very sorry for her family who grieves their loss. Prayers of comfort and strength goes out to them. Hugs.

  4. I am so sorry Alica, She was your dear friend and there is so many memories. I will be praying for you today. I am sure she is rejoicing now.

  5. Dear Alica,
    May you be comforted by these sweet memories. They are not small things and they are treasures to hold forever. Praying for you.

  6. What a sweet tribute to what sounds like a beautiful friend.

  7. Keep you, Glenda, Glenda's family and all of her many friends in our daily thoughts. May each of you find peace as you walk through your grief. Much love, Lauren, Lucas and Phil

  8. I am sorry for your loss but it is such a sweet post you are sharing. The memories such a wonderful tribute to your dear friend.

  9. I am so sorry to hear about your friend Glenda. Glenda's family will be in my prayers.

  10. Alica, I'm sorry to hear about your friend. Praying that you will feel a sense of comfort from the memories and support of others.

  11. What a lovely tribute to your dear friend. I'm sure she will be missed by all who knew her. {{HUGS}} to you, her family and her friends.

  12. I am so sorry you've lost your friend. It's never easy, and it's hard to understand when it's someone so young.

  13. Oh Alica..
    So sorry for your loss.
    My thoughts and prayers go out for her family, and for her friends.
    May you all be comforted in knowing that you will one day, see her again.
    What a sweet reunion that will be.

  14. You will always hold the pain of your loss but the treasure of your friendship and love will be deep in your heart for eternity.

  15. Oh Alica I was so sorry to read this I was hoping things would work out. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family.
    I loved reading about your special friendship with Glenda she sounds like a perfect friend to have known and shared those moments and I know she is in a wonderful place and you will meet again. I wish I could give you a hug. B

  16. Alica, I just read this today... the 20th... I am so very, very sorry for your loss. I prayed for Glenda daily, and am just so sad. Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures and telling us about your friend, who is God's angel now.

  17. What a wonderful tribute to a dear friend....
    Blessing and hugs to you........

    The Goat Borrower

  18. So sorry for your loss Alica. Prayers being sent your way.


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