Sunday, February 27, 2011


There’s something about Sunday…
First of all, let me say this… For the majority of the week, we go through our routine just like anyone else.  This time of year for us, that means: morning milking, routine morning chores, lunch, a little free time in the afternoon…maybe to run errands, clip cows, do winter maintenance, or even read a book  J …evening milking, supper, homework and bedtime.
However, throughout our week, instead of rubbing shoulders with lots of people, we relate mostly with each other.  Yes, we see the milk man, the breeder, the feed salesman, a neighbor or two, and maybe (but hopefully not!) the vet for a few minutes, but it can get a little lonely by times.  Never boring, but sometimes lonely!  The size of our farm doesn’t warrant hired help, so we don’t have days off or get away at all as a family right now either…so…when Sunday rolls around, we are ready! 
We choose to spend time worshipping with our Church family each week, and do only the necessary chores on Sunday.  We hurry through the morning work and head for Church, knowing that we will be blessed in one way or another.  Perhaps it will be an especially meaningful sermon; perhaps it will be a conversation and laughter with a friend; perhaps it will be watching young people in the congregation being given the chance to share their gifts…or a combination of things.  Today was no exception!
We shared an impromptu afternoon with friends...fabulous food, laughter, a walk, watching the kids enjoy themselves and warm sunshine!  Just what we needed to be refreshed!
It’s evening now.  The barn work is finished, and we have a little time to relax before bedtime.  We’ve been blessed, and have hopefully been able to bless others in some way today!
Thank you friends, for a day of refreshment!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day! Glad you have that chance to relax and socialize on your weekends.

  2. It is so good to go to church. I remember once when when 3 of our children were about four and under, going to church one sunday or wednesday...can't remember which...and I ended up in the mother's room talking to other moms. I felt so refreshed after visiting. I know that's not what church is about, but just being able to see and talk to the other mothers was so refreshing!

  3. Sounds like you had a perfect Sunday-enjoy:@)

  4. Amen! We so enjoy our church family and the preaching of God's Word. We don't 'have' to go to church as some folks say, we 'get' to go to church! God forbid, that freedom is ever taken away. Yesterday was also a real time of refreshment for us as well. Thanks for this post of encouragement!! :)

  5. Alica It sounds like you had a wonderful day. I always love those. B

  6. What a wonderful post......our farm is nothing compared to yours, but we get so swepted up in our routine and chores that it does get a little lonely.... spending time with church family is a wonderful thing and renews you for the coming week! Happy Milking!

  7. I think it's great that you take one day to "refresh." More of us should try that -- seems weekends are spent trying to catch up.

    Wonderful post, Alica. :)

  8. Sounds very much like our family when we were on our farm ! Every sunday mum would have a nice roast dinner and we would all sit around the table and chat of the weekly and daily events. Have a great day !

  9. I so look forward to church on Sundays. We are still fairly new at this church, but we are getting to know everyone a little at a time. I am challenging myself to say hi to 2 new people every week...sometimes I can just be shy.


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