Thursday, May 19, 2011

May Showers...

If April showers bring May flowers...what do May showers bring?

Mud...  Frustration...  Worry...

But in the midst of it all...BEAUTY...

I sent Jenna on a mission tonight during milking to take some pictures of what's blooming right now in our flower beds.  These are some of my favorites...

Johnson's Blue Cranesbill Geranium...

I enjoy the many varieties of Iris that we have.  Most of them were given to us by a neighbor years ago, and they've multiplied...

This Geum...not typically my favorite color...has grown on me with it's cheerful face...

I love the water drops on these Coral Bells...

The Lilacs smell wonderful...

So...even though we've been drenched with between five and six inches of rain this's wonderful to find God's beauty in the midst of it all!

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  1. Never saw a blue geranium before! Love the orange iris too-enjoy:@)
    PS-I see an actual sunrise in Philly, no rain right now!

  2. wow, your flower bed is absolutely perfect and beautiful!!

  3. Wonderful pictures of beautiful flowers. I love the way they look after a rain.

  4. It looks like wonderful browsing in your yard. I could certainly feast on those flowers.

  5. Your flowers are beautiful! Jenna did a great job with the pictures. We are actually having sunshine today and 75, 3rd day in a row! Hang in there, the rain will stop eventually. At least it does in Oregon!

  6. Alica these are beautiful shots. Our lilacs are not even close to blooming yet. You must have more sun and heat than I. Beautiful post. B

  7. Love the iris. You have so many and the bed is meticulas! :)

  8. Your bed is impressive. Now I can never post any pictures of any of my flower beds.

  9. So pretty! Tell Jenna good job with the pics!

  10. Haha yeah and MUD, MUD, and some more MUD! oh and full lagoons...

    But i do like your Irisses!!!



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