Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pullet Eggs...

Have you ever seen pullet eggs?

Two weeks ago we acquired fifteen new chickens...pullets...eighteen week old layers.  They've spent the past two weeks adjusting to their new surroundings and establishing themselves in the pecking order.  They're still a bit camera shy...

...and now they've begun laying their first eggs.  I put one of the eggs that our older chickens are laying in the basket beside the pullet eggs to show the size difference...

They've got to be some of the cutest looking eggs...complete with a yolk and a white, just like a "regular" egg, but in miniature form!  In a few short weeks, they'll be laying with the big girls, and I expect that we'll get a few double yolkers in the mix. That's always a fun surprise!

Welcome, ladies!  I hope you're enjoying your new home!

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  1. I am anxiously awaiting for my chickens to start laying... buying eggs is the worst (after going 2+ years not having to)! I always was intrigued by those double-yolkers. :)

  2. Alica I love chickens we have more raccoons than chickens around here not a good thing. Nice little eggs yummy. B

  3. The young hens can put out some weird-looking eggs. I love the really dinky ones -- I always save them for awhile, just for fun. :)

  4. We've still got weeks to go...

    They're like bantam eggs--the same, but little.

  5. I always got excited when we got a double yolk. We have to toss our eggs right now because we are dealing with mites. We have 12 hens and when we are getting eggs they are about 3 or 4 different colors and I just love to look at them.

  6. Pullet eggs are just the cutest!


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