Tuesday, May 31, 2011

From Soggy to Sauna...

My goodness!  It's hot enough out there to just about wilt!

Can it really be just two weeks ago that we were wet and cold and worried?  The fields were waterlogged...so much, in fact, that we were concerned about the corn rotting in the ground.  The rain was relentless...

We were chilly...flannel shirts in May?

Well it's sure changed in a hurry.  The past week has brought muggy sunshine to good old Lancaster County...the corn is up (and mostly doing better than expected), the grass needs cut every 4 days or so...and the flannels have long been forgotten.  Actually, they're still hanging in the barn, waiting to be washed and put away until fall!  The calves' water buckets need filled often...the fans are all running in the barn...and it feels like August out there.

Just after lunch today, I checked the thermometer.  In the sun, it read over 100 degrees.  Yesterday at my neighbor's it read 90 degrees in the shade! 

So what do you do when you need to cool off?

You find a cool spot under a bush, dig a hole, and settle in until sundown.

On another note...yesterday I received an "award" from fellow blogger Debbie at Swampbilly Ranch!

I'm new to this, but apparently I'm now to tell you seven things about myself...and pass the award on to someone else!  So I'll give it a shot...

1.  I am the youngest of four girls...and I am/was  NOT spoiled...don't listen to them!!

2.  I met my husband when I cashed his paycheck at the drive-up window of the bank where I worked...22 years ago...

3. I ran my first 5K this spring...slow, but I finished...

4.  I don't like to write!  But story telling is fun...
5.  I would much rather be outside in my flower beds than inside cleaning my house...

6.  In eight grade, the year the Phillies won their first World Series, I could have told you just about everything about every one of the players...and I do mean everything!

7.  Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate

I enjoy reading a number of different blogs, but I think I'll pass this one on to Buttons, at Button's Thoughts.  Stop by and check out her beautiful pics and interesting posts!


  1. The weather has been the same here as well, but I love it ! SUN,SUN,SUN and hot but with cool breezes makes it barable, my kind of weather for my photography ! Have a great day !

  2. Alica I love the heat but it just makes my fibro feel better so I can work harder. LOL.
    I just got out of a cool shower after spending two hot hours in my veggie garden.I love the dirt, and that cooled me right down.
    Wow thank you for the award. I don't know what to say. I did like hearing more about you. B

  3. Yea, were did all this heat come from, did we jump from May to July??? Love the pic of the pup! Glad the corn is up:@)

  4. Hey Alicia,
    congratulations!!!! You and Buttons both deserve an award. Your blogs are my favorite to follow and you all are so good to read and comment on my crazy blogs. God Bless

  5. Glad sumer finally came to your corner of the world. Congrats on the award. You deserve it!

  6. Congratulations on the award. We've had that same type of turnaround in the weather. Heat/Air/Heat/Air...it's been crazy!

  7. I agree! It went from cool to HOT here-hot and dry. I wish we could take some of the rain many folks don't need.

  8. What a great spot your sweet lab found under the bush. Glad the corn is doing well! I'm also from a family of 4 girls; I'm second to youngest. Stay cool!

  9. Well, since I live in PA as well, you know we have been hot as well! Tuesday was our hottest day! I'm sure it was 95. Finally though, today is absolutely gorgeous with no humidity!

  10. Alica, I've been sent here by Buttons and I'm so glad I came to visit. Looks like I'll be popping in to catch up on your life.
    Petal has a load of dairy cows on his truck right now. The farmer is moving from Queensland to Victoria, so he has a long way to go with a stop along the way. Congratulations on your award. Maa.


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