Friday, May 27, 2011

Gardening...Then and Now...

There are all types of gardens...and all types of gardeners...

Jim's Grandma D was an amazing woman.  I could write an entire post about Grandma...and maybe someday I will.  But for now, let's take a look at her garden...

I'm not sure exactly when this picture was taken, but it must be in the 1940's or 1950's.  See the old car in the driveway?  And there's only one silo by the there are two. 

But look at that garden!

Grandma and Grandpa had five children, and that garden went a long way to feeding their family.  I wish I knew what all was in there...I know there are lima beans and sweet corn, (and some tobacco plants as well), probably green beens, peas, and who knows what all else.

Now take a look at my PIDDLY garden...

It's in the same spot as Grandma's garden, but  a  mere fraction of the size!  The white fence you see in the background is at the same place as the one in the picture.  The road is behind me and the house is to the right.  Much of her garden has been replaced by a chicken pen, a goat/calf pen, and lots of grass.

My green beans survived the rain last week and have now taken off growing...the zucchini has blossoms already... cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes, potatoes, beets and onions are thriving.  So were the weeds, until a few days ago!  The far end of the garden is reserved for our favorite...lima beans!  I'm hoping to plant them this afternoon or tomorrow.

The picture of Grandma's garden hangs in our kitchen...and in the heat of the summer when my garden feels huge (to me!) I can look at it and remember just how piddly it is!  But it feeds our family...and fills our freezer and canning shelves...and that's what really matters!


  1. Alica that is a great picture. Your Grandma and Grampa were very hardworking.I think our generation has no idea how tough things were back then. It would be nice to look at that photo of the garden and think of your Grandma.B

  2. It's always difficult to judge how big a garden should be. I always have too much for just me and my husband -- but then, you can alway give away what you don't need. :)

  3. You are right, it is what matters. I would dearly love to have a larger garden, but who has the time anymore? I like to keep it to what I can handle. Now if it would only stop raining long enough to work in it!

  4. That is definately an impressive garden. But there was no running to the store if you ran low on something.

  5. How wonderful that you have that old picture! Really puts things in perspective for us when we are feeling overwhelmed by garden chores!

  6. What a wonderful picture from the past! My garden tends to grow way more than I can use or can. It's never hard to find people to gift with the extra produce.

  7. I say plant a larger garden and let the goats eat from it too!

  8. Great picture of the gardens past and present ! Yup I remember those days on our farm , my mum had a huge veggie garden and it feed us all year long ! Have a wonderful weekend !

  9. Where are the weeds? you should see mine! Ha Ha. Don't you just love thoae old pics of your farm? The one of ours is really bad, can't tell real well the way I put it on my blog. The only thing we have left from that picture is the milk house.


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