Friday, October 27, 2017

Soybean Harvest 2017...

Two posts in two's a recent record!  Ha!

Yesterday after the corn was finished, the headers were switched and they combined the soybeans.  I hope none of the neighbors had wash hanging out...or had just washed their windows!

(actually, I deed peek at the wash lines, and they were all empty!)

Phoebe watched intently from the barn hill...

See what I mean...a cloud of dust!  The beans were definitely dry enough...

And off they go.  The loaded truck heads east around the corner to the mill...the combine heads to the next farm, trailing his grain header behind...and the tractor and grain cart bring up the rear...

(a note of interest here...that huge grain cart holds 1000-1100 bushels, which when full, is about the same as a tractor trailer load of grain!)

The bean yield wasn't quite as spectacular as the corn yield was this year, but "mid-seventies" bushels per acre is still good!

Now it's time to bale 6th cutting hay this afternoon...pick the rest of the standing corn...shred  corn stalks and bale fodder...and clean out heifer pens, now that there's a place to spread the manure.  Fall is definitely our busiest time of year!


  1. I always think of you racing winter. It looks beautiful and I am glad you have had a good year.

  2. I bet it it will feel good when you get it all done and can take a breather. Growing your own feed is labour intensive but with such a big machine it almost looks like fun.

    Cows and older calves sure make a lot of manure that needs cleaning periodically. My husband calls it black gold. lol.

    Hugs, Julia

  3. Wow! Six cuttings of hay! Unheard of here! Your beans look good! HARVEST! The best time of the year,next to getting started in the spring!

    1. Isn't it crazy? We almost always get 5, but rarely 6 cuttings. It all depends on the weather! The beans looked good from afar, but we had some rain and wind a bit ago, and they were leaning over pretty hard. The guys did a great job on getting most of them, but there were definitely some left in the field.


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