Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What I Love About Today...

We are still having the most beautiful weather imaginable for July.  I am overwhelmed...and grateful!

So...here are a few things I love about today...

My sunflowers that grew from the seed that my blogger friend Kim sent me all the way from California, are blooming.  I love sunflowers of any kind...their cheery faces are a bright spot in the day...

The humidity is at an unheard of low for July...as are the temps in the low 80's...

We're done with hay for now, so we have a little break from the extra busy-ness of summer...

The salt comes out of my salt shakers again!

I have a working washing machine again, just in time to hang the wash on the line to dry in the nice breeze...

I can take a shower without sweating...

The part for our lawn mower just arrived by FedEx, so we'll soon have our good lawn mower back again...

I can hear the birds singing outside the windows, instead of the roar of fans running...

Jenna's goats cooperated for washing...hopefully they will also enjoy being clipped...hmmm???

We sat outside for a brunch at my sister's house this morning and didn't sweat...

It's a good day to be alive!  Thanks God, for this beautiful day!


  1. Those all sound like super reasons for enjoying the day!

  2. sounds awesome! we're 98 currently, here. 102 expected tomorrow.

  3. Amen to that. So much to be thankful for... It's wonderful when we can appreciate the beautiful weather and enjoy it at it's best. I hope that it last a bit longer and I'm glad that you can all take a bit of a break. How nice of Kim to send you sunflower seeds to bloom in your garden. It's just beautiful.

    Have a nice week.

  4. Yay! For a good day and for all those blessings. We all need to be reminded to look around and appreciate the good stuff. Love that red sunflower.

  5. There is so much to be thankful for everyday! Life really does take place in the "little things."

    Glad you are getting some nice cool wether and you are caught up on the haying.

    I have never seen a red sunflower before, awesome.

  6. We have enjoyed a nice cool July with rain almost every other night. I know what you mean. I'm glad that you also are having good weather.

  7. Some days really are just perfect! :)

  8. Oh that sure does sound perfectly beautiful. Enjoy tomorrow is August but it looks like more of the same at least on this side of that invisible border. Love the red sunflower. Life is wonderful isn't it. Enjoy Hug B

  9. Oh it is a pretty color. Thanks for the photo. I totally echo you on all of the humidity. I have been doing all of those things too, I hope our level drops soon. There is just something about getting out of the shower and still sweating that gets to me.
    I am so glad you are having really nice weather.

  10. We also had a drop in humidity. It was such a welcome change.

  11. Oh I so agree! This weather is incredible. I just checked the 10 day forecast and it is not even predicted to get to 80 degrees. Pretty crazy! I don't ever remember a summer like this. I enjoyed reading your list...the salt shaker is working again! hahaha!!


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