Sunday, July 28, 2013


It's always fun to see new babies.  Look what was born while we were at Church this morning...

This big bull calf was content to lay in the grass on this beautiful day.  Mom was always close by, but when she went inside to eat, I got a few pictures...

She soon saw what I was up to, and became concerned...

Both mom and calf are doing fine.  He drank two quarts of colostrum, and is settled in for the night.

And now for some other babies...

Who could ever deny the cuteness factor of kitties...

Jolyn (mom) was quite relaxed until she saw the dog following me...thus the "I'm ready to protect my babies" look on her face...

Wouldn't you just love to take one home with you?!


  1. oh, i'd love to have 2 please, but my dogs...

    sweet calf and mom, too!

  2. That calf is mighty big for a newborn! Good looking guy. Love your protective moms.

  3. That's a good looking calf!

    Will the kitties chase the rabbits out of our garden?

  4. Baby animals on the farm are the best. Thanks for sharing yours!
    Our older boys helped my dad clean out his barn this past week.. they found new kittens up in the hayloft. So sweet!

  5. Oh they are so cute calf and kittens. B

  6. Great pictures of the new bull calf in the green grass. The mother cat does have a look of "Don't mess with my babies" about her.


  7. One of my favorite parts of farm life is seeing all the new life! Nothing better than seeing newborn animals!

  8. I do miss the new black and white calves of a dairy farm. Your baby bull is a handsome one and his mom looks so diligent.

    Yes, I'd like a feline to perk up our house. Except for my college years I've always had a cat companion of some sort. But not a good choice right now.

  9. That is one thing I miss about the farm. All of the babies. They are so full of life and curiosity. Now I just see fawns and baby turkeys. I loved your photos. Especially the kittens.

  10. What a nice big calf!! The kittens are very cute and I love the 'back-off' look on Jolyn's face! :)

  11. I love baby pictures. How nice you let your cows in a green pasture. So many dairies around here don't do that. I love the ones that are like yours. My favorite dairy that my parents lived by had a herd of Brown Swiss. I loved those cows. My Dad after talking to them for about five years was finally able to talk them out of a heifer calf. He loved that cow more than us I think. :)
    Your kitties are so cute too.


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