Monday, July 22, 2013

Garden Scavengers...

What do you do when you plant something in the garden that you thought was something that it wasn't?

You could...

1. Use it anyway...
2. Share it with friends...
3. Put it out along the road in hopes that someone will stop to buy it... could let it get overgrown...

...and toss it into the chicken pen...

Our chickens are eating well these days!  Overgrown, unwanted cucumbers, watermelon rinds, soft tomatoes...we have it...they devour it!

I call them my garden scavengers!


  1. Aren't they great for that purpose? I do the same thing. I sometimes wonder if they are attracted to color, or ???? They eat squash and cucumbers ok but when I throw in berries, tomatoes or melon seeds they get very aggressive and jump on it. And they can identify bugs and cutworms and such as delicacies and fight aggressively over that. Interesting animals!

  2. ha ha! glad they're there to use it and delight in it all!

  3. Am chopping up some cukes for mine today! They LOVE watermelon as well!

  4. A great reason to have chickens. But if I could get a watermelon to grow here I'd take pictures, post it and NOT feed it to chickens.

  5. Mine had stale potato rolls last night. :)

  6. They are not going to waste!

  7. A good use for unwanted cukes.

    I don't have chicken so I use over ripe cucumbers to make Lady Ashburnham pickles. They are my husband's favorite. I remove the tough skin and seeds and use the chopped cucumber flesh to make the pickle.


  8. Mine are getting my excess of summer squash! at least until the squash bugs finish them! Chickens are great garbage users.

  9. My hens love this time of year. They really do love to eat what I throw them from the garden. They are good helpers. Not to mention I do like it when mine come out with me while I am working. I like listening to their chatter.
    Your hens look great.

  10. Aren't chickens great!! Mine enjoy any scraps they can get their pointy little beaks on! :)

  11. When we had pigs the chickens had to they get everything here!


  12. That's too funny ~ I just gave our chicken some overgrown cukes today. They love it when we share veggies.

  13. .•°♡♡♫° ·.

    Os pepinos parecem ótimos para um suco com limão e hortelã.
    Ótima quarta-feira cheia de sol e saúde.

  14. Mine are probably going to get some cucumbers soon. For some reason they are bitter, and I bet the chickens will like them more than me.


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