Friday, July 19, 2013

Random Friday...

 This week has been full of bits and pieces... new favorite kitty...trying to stay cool!

1.  This week it's been hotter...and more humid than I remember in a long time.  (My memory might be short, because it was probably this hot last summer too!)  Today I checked the thermometer mid afternoon, and it read 104 degrees.

2.  I mowed for 5 1/2 hours today, and then did the weed eating.  I was so thankful for the cool shower afterwards...number two for the day...and number three soon to come!

3.  The cows are starting to be affected by the heat.  They hung in there for a while...but with a week of continual temps in the high 90's and higher...and this high humidity (53% right now)...they have dropped in milk.

4. Jenna and I had the privilege of going to the beach for two days this week with some friends... to Cape Henlopen State Park, in Delaware.  Although the temperatures were just as high there, there was a wonderful ocean breeze that felt so good!  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves...and our time away...except for the jellyfish that kept us out out the water most of the time!

5.  Jim baled a lot of hay this week...third cutting is almost finished!  There's one more field to mow and bale, hopefully next week.  We're expecting a break in the weather this weekend, so maybe it will be more comfortable working next week.  It's been great to get so much dry hay stacked in the mow!

I'm linking up today again with Nancy, for Random Five Friday.


  1. i really hope your heat wave will be over! love your kitty's little white feet. :)

  2. Good for you to have the third cutting done. The poor cows, it must be so terrible for them to be in that heat. Cats love heat but this must be too much for them too. I hope that it cools down some.

    I'm glad that you could get away for a few days. Mowing for five and a half hours in that heat is quite a job. It takes me a couple of hours to mow our lawn with a push lawn mower.

    We got some big showers and thunder storms these last few days and got a much needed soaking.

    We got 1200 big round bales of hay and I'm not sure how many silage bales. Some of the last few loads of hay bales got caught in the rain before they made it into the hay barn. The sun will have to dry them up.


    1. 1200 round bales?! Wow! How many acres do you farm?

  3. Sweet, sweet kitty! It has been very hot here, too, with humidity in the 90s some days. Makes it hard to breathe. I grew up on a farm, so I know how hot it is to carry on with the work in the heat. Hope it cools off for you soon!

  4. Oh I am so glad you got away. I is so hot our cows are fairing OK but spend a lot of time in the bush. Take care good news about your hay. Off to sleep heavy rain and storms here hay on hold again. Not even half done first Cut. Farming you never know. Hug B

  5. James is a beautiful boy!

    Glad you got to spend some time at the cooler beach. Five and a half hours of mowing in the heat is A LOT. I couldn't do it without whining a little. You're a better woman than i. :)

  6. Wow! It's been hot here too, but more like a humid 95, not 104. That is dangerous heat. Stay safe!

  7. Summer weather--great for growing things as long as there's water. Not so good for creatures. I'm glad you got a chance to get away and enjoy a little sea breeze.

  8. .·°°。♡♡

    Sei que as temperaturas de verão aí estão muito elevadas.
    Aqui, faz tanto frio de manhã e a noite!
    Estamos no inverno.

    Bom fim de semana!°°。❤
    ❤⊱ Beijinhos°°。°✿

  9. I'm so happy about your surplus hay Alica -- I know this will be coveted in the winter months. Yay!

    It's been hot here too and humid. I hope you cows are coping as well as they can. Stay cool girlfriend! xo

  10. I've always loved the Delaware beaches. Many great memories there.

  11. A day at the beach sounds like a great thing with all your heat and humidity! I hope you get some cooler weather next week. I always feel bad for the critters when it is so hot.

  12. Glad you and Jenna got a little break at the beach. Sounds fun. Hope the cows are recovering. I know my chickens have dropped their egg production.


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