Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fourth of July Week Traditions...'s July 4th...already!

Both of our kids are away this week...Eric's in Phoenix with the youth group, and Jenna  is away at camp.  I think they've both been experiencing some extreme weather.  The heat in Phoenix is incredible...and the rain at camp has been plentiful... but hopefully neither have been bad enough to make their experiences any less fun.

With the kids away all week, that means Jim and I are doing the farm work without them.  Lucky for them, they missed this part...a Fourth of July Week tradition of walking the cornfields...

Every year at this time, we don our long sleeved shirts and walk through the cornfields, checking for weeds.  We wear long sleeves because we have to walk with our arms up, in order to keep the leaves from cutting us in the face.  The edges of those leaves are sharp, and I've learned the hard way, that no matter how hot it is, long sleeves are a must!

We don't walk down every row, but split each field into sections, checking for pickle vine, thistles, and thick grass.  This field looks great!

In fact, this was the most unusual thing that I found ...

...and I guess we won't spray it.  :)  Murphy trotted along with me the whole way!

Despite all the wet weather that we've had, the fields look pretty good this year.  Jim is finishing up the last few fields this afternoon, while I can my green beans.  He will then decide if we need the hi crop sprayer...or not. Then after milking, we're off to celebrate the Fourth with some friends.

How are you celebrating today?


  1. Walking corn fields brings back more memories. except I did it for irrigating. I am planning a blog post about that in the future.

    It is VERY wet here, so our celebrating will all be indoors.


  2. I'm celebrating by hanging the first wash I've been able to hang in days and days. Man, is it soggy around here!

  3. glad to hear the crop is good!!! sweet pup helping you!

    happy independence day!

  4. We took it easy today, and we're going to a baseball game (independent league) tonight to watch the WHOLE game for once, and enjoy the big fireworks display. Hurrying to get the chores done, ourselves cleaned up, and off to the park! Have a safe evening.

  5. Your corn looks great and the leaves have such a nice green color. It makes me think, that would make a nice color wool for hooking in my rugs.

    Happy 4th of July.

  6. Happy 4th of July Alica. Hug B

  7. Oh my does that bring back memories. Dad would get us up at 5:00am to walk the rows and pull velvet leaf. I was the oldest, so I was the taskmaster and water disperser. He would drop us off and then come back about 11:00 when the heat was unbearable and pick us up again. I think I would have opted for camp.

  8. We spent all day in the hay field. We only get one cutting a year and the crop is behind "normal" due to a May 25th hail storm. We are glad for the hay we have and the beautiful bales we are making.

    Hope you have fun celebrating with friends.

  9. Wow you were home alone? How nice. We are rarely home alone still.
    I bet it is really quiet. But you were busy with everything.
    It is hot in that corn too isn't it? We used to do that and I remember how still and quiet it is out in the middle of the field.
    It does cut too.

  10. That corn looks so good! Hope you get to enjoy your time without kids.


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