Sunday, June 12, 2011


Hmmm...maybe sentimentality isn't really a word...but it's what I've been feeling this weekend.

This has nothing to do with farming...but it has every thing to do with the farm kids, so therefore it qualifies as a valid post!

On Friday, our oldest finished Middle School, and will be moving on to High School in August.  And...will be getting his driver's permit in less than a year. taller than both of us.  Yikes!

Our youngest "graduated" from sixth grade, and we said goodbye to elementary school forever.  You know, that familiar, "safe" place where you know all the teachers, and they all know you by name...where your kids have spent more time than they have at home (or so it it seems) for the past nine years...

So I decided to reminisce a bit...about when they were little.  I didn't ask their permission, so I might be in the dog house for these pictures, but I just had to post a few of them ...

Helping to feed calves...

He loved riding around on the scooter and wearing the straw hat that belonged to our Amish helper...

This is still her job...but now she's bigger than the broom...

One year we planted some Mycogen brand corn for silage, and it grew and grew and grew some more.  It sure dwarfed him...

I could have posted a lot more pictures, but these were some of my favorites. 

It just goes to show how time flies...They are now fifteen and twelve, and we are getting old older too.  

But would we really have it any other way?


  1. No, older is certainly better =) Great pix/post Alica, been quite sentimental myself this weekend. Parents with younger children my other daughters' are aren't understanding it ... their day will come!

  2. Awwww.... I don't think I've seen these before! They're adorable!

  3. Even though Eric is taller than Jims, I am sure Jims can still take him.

    Loved reading your post. :)


  4. Wonderful photos ! I hear ya, ours are now 22, 18 and fifteen , they grow fast dont they ! Have a great day !

  5. Time goes so fast. My grandson is leaving elementary this year and heading for middle school in the fall. I am scared to death!

  6. I just love these pictures you chose to post and also love the reminder to cherish every moment, every stage with our little (and not so little) ones!

  7. Those are great pictures! I remember those days of the boy being young. Each age has its perks, so enjoy them all as them come. No need to miss them because it just gets better!

  8. Oh Alica these are adorable photos.I look back at my girls photos and I get teary eyed and wonder where time has gone. I love that they have grown and I am so glad that we have taken lots of photos. Sentimentality is right I know what you mean. B

  9. Aren't memories just grand? Cute little tuckers too. Maa


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