Sunday, June 19, 2011

Goat Shenanigans...

It was inevitable...The goats have become troublemakers TROUBLEMAKERS! 

We've been learning a lot about these goats lately.  Jenna and I have been to several 4-H meetings, where we've learned about goat health, feeding, training, trimming, etc.  It's been fun, mostly.  They're growing well, getting used to wearing their halters, and are learning to walk on a lead.  Last night we gave them pedicures.  By the time the fair rolls around in late September, they should weigh anywhere between 60 - 110 pounds.  These two are going to be heavyweights, I think.

When we first got the goats, we put them into their new pen, and realized that the pen was not going to contain them...they escaped almost immediately.  So Eric reinforced it, and we had no more problems.  Until this weekend.

Troublemaker # 1...  What is a fence for, but to go under...

So we put them in the pen with the chickens until we can decided what's best to do tomorrow.

And what is a tree for, but to eat...

Troublemaker #2...

Might as well join in the fun, destroying the wire mesh around the base of the tree that was meant to keep the chickens from scratching away the dirt...

And it looks like the Chicken Porch is now being taken over temporarily by the goats...

And... Jenna's away at camp this week, so guess who gets to corral them!  It's a good thing they're so cute!


  1. Oh I so remember raising goats never a dull moment that is for sure. Great pics. B

  2. Goats are NOT troublemakers. We simply like to test our humans and make sure their problem-solving skills are up to par! Troublemaker? Harumph!

  3. Aren't they fun? Oh, that statement could explain why I've been a behavior disorders teacher for so many years.

  4. hahaha....
    Yep that is what goats do.... little sneekers!


  5. Looks like you have your hands full. I have always liked goats, but never owned any...they don't pack up and move well! :)

  6. Cute! Perfect example. Sweet little rascals they are!


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