Tuesday, June 7, 2011


In light of the forecast for the next couple of days...all I can say is that I hope the weather man is WRONG!  I don't do well in Hazy Hot and Humid conditions!

I think it's also officialy time to wash and store all those barn sweatshirts and flannels...  

They've been hanging in the barn for long enough now, and I think it's safe to put them away until fall.

We've been running our cistern the past few days...to try and get it empty, and to give the well pump a break.  After many loads of laundry and several pipeline washes, the water level has dropped significantly.  That's a good thing...now it can fill up with "fresh" water the next time it rains!

As for the heat and humidity coming our way...this fair weather fan just might go into hibernation in the air-conditioned bedroom. 

See you on Friday if it's cooler!


  1. Love the photo ! It has been hot and humid here and it has caused lots of bad thunderstorms during the nights ! Thank goodness for AC ! Have a good day !

  2. After reading this I thought I'd better check... 100-yuck! We need some rain so badly, funny just a couple weeks ago we had too much:@0

  3. I hope for your sake they are wrong, but I'm ready for them to be right since they are saying we're going to be cooling down soon.

  4. A big AMEN Sister!!! I melt in the heat. Unfortunately there is so much stuff to do outside I have to go out in it. Take care

  5. I do not like heat either, so totally understand your dislike for heat and humidity. Love your clothes line. I hung quilts and clothes out yesterday. good thing because last night we had a HUGE hail storm and it is still raining this AM. Worked with Alice on Tuesday, love that lady!
    We are headed to the mountains for the fiber fest today, it will be very cool up there. Say hi to your Mom and Dad for me. Have a great { and I hope not too hot} weekend.


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