Friday, September 17, 2010

Meet Lazarus...

There are lots of cows in our barn, and all of them have a number, but only a select few have names.  To have a name around here, you need to earn it!
Meet Lazarus...

Lazarus, affectionately known as Lazzie, is a first calf heifer with a story.  When she was born on New Years Day 2008, she was no different than any other calf in the barn, save the unusual markings on her face.  But in a few short weeks, that all changed.
One of the first signs of a sick calf is a change in eating habits…a calf that is not hungry has a problem!  So, when she got sick, we started the usual regimen of treatment; electrolytes and antibiotics.  This calf, however, had a nasty strain of something that quickly turned into full blown pneumonia.  We isolated her from the other calves, putting her upstairs in the barn where she would have fresher air to breathe.  Jim barricaded the hay hole so that she wouldn’t fall through to the stable below…not that she was going anywhere!
For close to a week, she hovered on the brink of death.  Numerous times, we were sure that the next time we checked on her she would be gone!  She, however, had other ideas. 
One morning when Jim was feeding the cows, he heard a loud crash.  Imagine his surprise when he saw a groggy and dazed calf standing in the cow stable at the bottom of the hay hole!  She apparently felt lively enough to explore, and pushed through his barricade, plunging eight feet to the concrete below.  Somehow she managed to land on her feet, and was not injured!
That was the beginning of her recovery, and this “miracle” calf earned her name…Lazarus.  Although she didn’t rise from the dead, she might as well have! 
Lazzie is now doing well, and expecting her second calf this winter.  Wonders never cease!


  1. Cute story. Thanks for sharing. That would have been something to see her falling. Probably a good thing you didn't.

  2. WOW! That is a miracle story for sure!! Perfect name :)


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